Tuesday's Rambling Thoughts - December 23, 2008

Watched "The Wizard of Oz" Sunday night in HD for the first time. That has and always will be among my favorite movies of all time. I never get tired of it. I guess that's just the kid in me. Good vs Evil personified. I remember when I was a kid, it would come on every January. We would check the TV Guide to mark down when it was coming on. It was one of the few times our mother didn't have to tell us to do our homework. No homework finished, no Wizard of Oz to watch. So, we would come home from school, eat an early dinner (thanks Mama) and do our homework. We only had black and white TVs back then. But, it didn't matter. The first half of the Wizard was in black in white anyway. Of course, we didn't know that. It was a nice way to wind down from the Christmas season.

It was bitter cold here in Mobile, AL yesterday. It was for us anyway. We had wind chill of 17 degrees. We aren't used to that kind of cold weather. I kept thinking about one thing...where is all this global warming on a day like that? Oh, the new excuse this is the sort of thing that happens during global warming. How would they know that unless they were around for the last global warming period?

While Christmas is my favorite time of year, I'm ready for it to be over and done. The traffic is horrible on Airport Blvd as people endeavor to get to the malls in town. With traffic backed up on Airport Blvd, there is a domino effect throughout the city with all the other streets experiencing a backlog of traffic. A drive that ordinarily takes 15 minutes, takes about 45-60 minutes now. Another thing I'm not looking forward to (that is a byproduct of the season) is the extra poundage I add on during this time of year. That means a more stricter diet in January and more exercise.

Finally, yesterday I reported about this lady at church who had received an email telling her she had been named a beneficiary of a large sum of money from a relative in the UK who is a "Duke." We spent at least two hours trying to convince her this was a Nigerian 419 scam. She was not convinced. Someone knew she had a son in Atlanta and her son was notified of what his mother was about to do. This lady is on a fixed income and losing that $500 (for expenses, of course) would be like you or me losing out on about $1500. Long story short, the son was able to convince his mother it was a scheme to defraud her of that money. Sometimes, just sometimes it pays parents to listen to their kids. In this instance, it saved this little lady $500 she could not afford to lose.


Me too! Can't wait for Christmas to be over. Traffic's so bad and I'm controlling so hard not to gain a LOT of weight.

Mara, whenever I think of Christmas, I consider it "the best of times, the worst of times." I just try and consider the good outweighing the bad. Yes, diet #6718 is coming up in January. Thanks for the comment.

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