Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – December 09, 2008

Ok, as much as I hate this, I find myself defending President-Elect Obama. There appears to be a movement under foot to disqualify PE Obama based on his not being a U.S. citizen. One case by Leo Donofrio asked to declare Obama as being ineligible because he was a citizen of Great Britain. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear this argument. His argument is that Obama’s Kenyan father was a British subject when PE Obama was born! Another appeal by Phillip Berg of Lafayette Hill, PA argues that PE Obama was not born in Hawaii, that his birth certificate there is a fake and, in fact, may be a citizen of Indonesia! Look…I’m not happy about PE Obama as President either. In fact, I think this country will take years to recover from an Obama Administration. However, the time to bring these arguments to court would have been right after he won the nomination as the Democratic Party nominee. The only thing I agree with Obama about; the time of fighting among Americans needs to come to an end…at least for now. We are in the middle of a recession. People are without jobs and losing their homes. The election is over. Obama won and I voted against him. When he runs in 2012, I’ll vote against him again. However, these petty court appeals need to end…now.

I expected it. But, it was still a bit of a shock to me. I had about $1500 worth of damage to my Honda Civic this year and I filed a claim. To make matters worse, I got a speeding ticket on the July 4th weekend. My six month renewal for car insurance came in the mail yesterday. I saw my premium rise $126.00!!! I expected it to rise. But, not this damn much. Complaining to my agent was an exercise in futility. I’ve checked around for other car insurance. They are even higher than my present insurer. Apparently, I am wearing the scarlet letter “S” for Speeder and “C” claimer.

I have discovered my six-month old beagle, Ralph, does not like cold weather. He has loved going out for walks before the weather starting turning cool. However, when I tried to take him out for his morning walk this morning, he turned around and tried to go back in the house. I had to bribe him with some doggie treats to go walking. Once he gets to walking, he’s ok with it. But, just getting him out the door is a struggle these days.

Finally, my sister discovered there are still good people in this world. She went with a friend who is going through chemotherapy for kidney cancer. The friend doesn’t have anyone else who can drive her home after the exhausting 2-3 hour ordeal. So, my sister volunteered. After the chemo was administered, my sister went to her purse to get her car keys. She noticed her money clip was missing. She had exactly $150.00 in that clip. My sister was going to use that money for Christmas shopping last Friday. She could not remember where it could have fallen out of her purse. My sister asked her friend to wait there in the lobby while she went to her car to see if the money clip was there. No such luck. Distraught and in tears, my sister came back to the lobby of the Cancer Center to see her friend holding up the missing money clip. All $150.00 was still in the clip. It seemed that one of the cancer patients in the lobby found the money clip near the chair where my sister had sat that morning. The patient turned it into the front desk and my sister’s friend told them how much money was in the clip. She was unable to find out who the patient was that turned in the money clip. But, as my sister’s friend said, “God knows who they are.” I couldn’t have said it better.


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I hope they will stop trying to find things keep Obama out of the white house.. I really think he will do a good job as a President
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Your comment on how you think the US will take years to recover from an Obama Administration makes me think it won't be as long as it takes to recover from all the mess the Bush administration made! You gotta feel sorry for Obama coz he's the one who's now got to clear up Bush's mess..good luck to him.

Well thats sad for Obama as he has to clear Bush's mess. But who knows , the whole world is waiting and watching his every single move. Lets just hope that he does make a good job for the sake of Americans and the rest of the folks in the world too. Lets just keep our fingers crossed

tini K...good point about Obama cleaning up Bush's mess. But, what I was getting at is the socialist slant that Bush started and Obama seems to embrace, the bailouts of every bank that wants it and now the bailout of the Big Three automakers. When does it end? It ends when the people footing the bill for these massive bailouts say ENOUGH. Thanks for your comment.

prasys, your last sentence spoke loudly to me. Many people consider Obama to be the "world's president." My question is WHY? Is it because he's the first African-American President? I really think people should sit back and give him time to breath before tackles and takes care of every problem from unemployment to the common cold. Thanks for the comment.

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