The Squirrels Are Back

I made a post a couple of weeks back how a big yellow feral cat I named “Old Yellow” had been captured by the Animal Shelter nazis in my area. I was horrified and to make matters worse, a so-called “friend” saw him captured. Of course, he didn't tell me about it for a month. I still don't speak to him. But, now that Old Yellow is gone, the squirrel populations has increased dramatically. Old Yellow kept them away because he was quite adept at capturing them. I even saw him go up a tree after one. But, now things are back to the way they were pre-Old Yellow; squirrels everywhere you look in my yard.

Monday, for the second time in two years, a squirrel got in my house as I stupidly left the door open. The first time it happened was in July of 2007. I chased that squirrel for two hours and could not chase him out the door. But, I did then exactly what I did Monday to get rid of the squirrel; I started up my fireplace. Like any animal, the squirrel has a morbid fear of fire. In July of last year, I'm sure my neighbors thought I had lost my mind. But, that was the only way I have found to get them out of your house. Of course, it would help if I remembered to close the door behind me when I left to go get the mail. It was either start the fireplace or hire “Critter Catchers” for $125 an hour. After starting the fireplace, the squirrels each time suddenly were able to find the front door. What would I have done if I did not have a fireplace? I'd be shelling out $125 an hour to Critter Catchers most likely. I know of no other way to get them out of your house except with a fire in the fireplace.


thanks for the drop...want to reciprocate but all i see are blackbox..sorry..nice blog!!

that's funny abt the squirrels, they are really hard to catch. i think they are cute as long as they stay outside!

Your story reminds me of an old joke:
Q: How do you catch a squirrel?
A: Sit in a tree and act like a nut!
Sorry, corny!

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