Obama's Dilemma

I can't say that the revelation this week that Illinois Govenor Rod Blagojevich was trying to sell President-Elect Obama's replacement is surprising. I'm not surprised by anything in American politics any longer. It's wise that PE Obama is distancing himself from Blaojevich. However, the photo ops of PE Obama appearing with the Illinois Govenor is going to bring bad publicity to the President-Elect. Governor Blagojevich was arrested Tuesday for trying to sell the vacant Senate seat due to PE Obama's election as President.

What PE Obama is being taken to task for by Republicans (and just a few of the news media) is what influence, if any, did PE Obama have in the Illinois Governor trying to peddle the senate seat to the highest bidder? Did anyone on Obama's staff have any contact with the governor on his decision on who to appoint to the vacant senate seat? PE Obama's senior advisor, David Axlerod went on Chicago TV on November 23rd and stated, "I know he's talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them." The only problem with that is that Obama now denies having any discussion with Gov. Blagojevich about the senate state. David Axlerod has had a sudden revelation by saying he "misspoke" on November 23. Uh huh. PE Obama may not have had any influence on the Illinois Govenor's decision to make a little cold cash and I'm not suggesting he is. However, PE Obama has made himself up to be an agent of "change and hope." How ironic would it be that he is proven to be must more of the same from the most corrupt city in America; Chicago, IL? In fact, two Illinois governors in a row have now been arrested for corruption in office. I thought the old Chicago political machine died with Mayor Richard Daley in 1976. Apparently, political corruption in Chicago is something of a tradition and is expected of their political leaders.

It may be nothing more than an event that will make things uncomfortable for PE Obama in the weeks a head. But, there are now appearing to be contradictions about his association with Governor Blagojevich. And PE Obama will have to explain his association, once again, to fund raiser Tony Rezko who caused moments of panic during the Presidential campaign. It seems that Rezko was also a major campaign fundraiser for Governor Blagojevich. The politician of "hope and change" needs to get his story straight on how close he was to this disgraced governor of Illinois. If he comes clean, people will forget it. One need only look at how Richard Nixon let a cover up ultimately lead to the downfall of his presidency. The major difference here, PE Obama hasn't even taken office and he is already in water, while not quite hot, that is getting warm.


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Chicago corruption does seem normal somehow. It's weird, and it's probably integrated in my psyche by movies.

Obama seems removed from it.

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SRS, strange after Mayor Richard Daley died that the Chicago machine continued on unabated. That is unusual. It makes you wonder just how much influence Daley had over Chicago politics. Thanks for the comment.

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