In the Arms of an Angel - Extended Version

I'm sure everyone has seen that heart wrenching commercial with Sarah McLachlan. It's an animal shelter where at least half go to die. Well, the video below is an extended version of that. I'm playing it today in tribute to my brother. My brother was going to go buy a purebreed beagle like I have in Ralph. But, my brother goes right by the animal shelter on his way to work each day. The more he was thinking about that beagle, the more haunted he became about saving a life at that shelter. As he was leaving last Friday to get the beagle puppy for his daughter, he was approaching the animal shelter and found himself pulling into the parking lot. My little bro went in there, wanted to take them all home with him. But, he chose a two year old "Heinz 57" and named him Champ. The entire family loves him to death now. What a great, late Christmas present they gave each other.

This video below is hard to watch if you are an animal lover. But, if it moves you to help out at local animal shelters, then it was worth putting this video up. I'm a hardened old man....but it really got to me.


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