Heroic Action By A Dog!

I don't normally post videos on my blog. I feel it slows down this blog which is already weighted down with piss-poor programming from Blogger. But, this one video is just not possible to be overwhelmed by and...to be honest, I got a little lump in my throat while watching it. I don't know if it was out of friendship or not. It may have been just out sheer courage from an animal. This stray dog was pulling another stray out of oncoming traffic. It reminded me, in a way, the action of one man standing in front of a line of Chinese Army tanks after the Tiananmen Square protest. It was the same kind of courage.

I'd like to give you a happy ending on this. But, I can't. The dog that was hit died later on. The stray hero dog simply ran off before road crews could catch him. God Bless him wherever he may be.

You can view this amazing video by clicking HERE. 


Dog is one of my pet, I can't imagine that it would be happening to my own pet. So I feel pity and sad to watch the video. hohoho!

If animals can show concern to others, why can't we?

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