Crackers and Big Money

It seems in Irvine, CA there was an incident of a little girl finding some money in a box of crackers the family bought at Whole Foods market. It was $10,000. I'll type that again...$10,000. Debra Rogoff's daughter wanted some crackers and started pulling out $100 bills by the handful. Debra called the police and they took possession of the money since they thought it probably was something to do with drugs. It turned out that a Lake Forest resident, an elderly lady, had lost all faith in her bank (and who can blame her?) and socked away her “life's savings” in that box of crackers. First thing I have to say is that if I did have that kind of money in my house, I think I could find a better place to hide it than in a box of crackers. Second thing I will say is if $10,000 represents this Lake Forest woman's life savings, she's in big trouble. Big trouble.

The Rogoffs did not get any kind of reward for returning the money. In fact, they never even got a “thank you” call from the lady who had come into the store in hysterics about money being in a box of crackers. I tend to think someone needs to inform this lady that the FDIC will protect her bank account up to $100,000. She obviously didn't know that. She also needs someone to teach her a thing or two about gratitude. As for Debra Rogoff, she at least got something out this entire incident; the store gave her another box of crackers.


So how exactly did some old lady's crackers/money end up back on a shelf at Whole Foods? That's just odd!

Tey thanks for coming by

Lori, I think the elderly lady took the crackers back to the store for a refund. Unfortunately, she forgot she had her "life's savings" in that box of crackers. How can a person forget something like that?

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