Coffee Wars

McDonald's vs Starbucks. Starbucks vs McDonald's. Mcdonald's has issued a declaration of war against the coffee giant, Starbucks. Apparently, Starbucks is unwilling, at this juncture, to fight back. McDonalds is going full steam ahead with their fight. Billboards in Seattle, WA, possibly the Coffee drinking capital of the world, are blaring out "Four Bucks Is Dumb." Actually, I agree with that sentiment..but I digress. Dunkin' Donuts had a similar ad, "The Taste Test" that has run for a month or so. It appears the two behemoths are going all out at the financially strapped Starbucks coffee chain. Hundreds of Starbucks stores have closed nationwide due to a deteriorating economy and, quite obviously, stiff competition. McDonald's has their own espresso and latte line of coffee. I don't care for either. I prefer a large cup of McDonald's java over that of Starbucks. But, that's just me. I've tasted the bottom of the line 12 ounce cup of coffee at Starbucks and found it lacking.

Starbucks is not engaging either McDonald's or Dunkin' Donuts at this point. According to the article I linked above, Starbucks has decided to take the "high road" and not engage either. Personally, I feel that is just another in a long line of mistakes by Starbucks management. They over-extended themselves by having a Starbucks at every street corner and over priced coffee. As a result, they have had to shut down the numerous Starbucks stores all across the nation. It was a stupid move to build as many stores as Starbucks had to start. There are two Starbucks within walking distance of my home. Both have closed within the past three months. Even the Starbucks that survived, you see few people there after 9AM. That is due in part to people unwilling to pay four bucks for overrated coffee and piss poor management in my not so humble opinion. I'm looking forward to this continuing saga of the java fight.


Nah, I'm not Starbucks fan either, I prefer the Ol' Speedway cappuccino myself! Just over $1 and taste pretty good in my opinion!


Yep, I agree. In downtown Vancouver BC Canada, there are 3 Starbucks at the same intersection! Talk about overkill for a burnt tasting cup of java. I prefer a cup of Timmy's coffee any day.

taripres, are you talking about the speedway service station? Never had coffee from there although I get gas with Speedway all the time. Thanks for the comment.

Amie, 3 Starbucks at the same intersection is insane. Is there any wonder why they are in such financial straits? Thanks for the comment.

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