Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – November 18, 2008

News Item: “WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe said Saturday that Congress was not told the truth about the bailout of the nation's financial system and should take back what is left of the $700 billion "blank check'' it gave the Bush administration.” Well, gee whiz, why am I NOT surprised??? I’ve been complaining long and LOUD that without any type of oversight, this kind of thing would happen!!! This is your money and mine that is being spread around to the fat cats in failed banks, investment firms, insurance companies, etc. Sen. Inhofe even stated that with the way the bailout plan is now stated, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson can even give it to his best buds! Hey, are you pissed off yet? I am. I called my state U.S. Senator (Richard Shelby) and vented. Yeah, I know it won’t amount to anything. But, it made me feel better! And just think, the US. Taxpayer just bailed out some fat cats in the S&L crisis back in the late 80s and early 90s to the tune of about $160 Billion. The U.S. taxpayer; the gift that just keeps on giving!

Ok, I know the Obama supporters won’t like this next one. But, there is a certain online blogging conservative mouthpiece who has been criticizing President-Elect Obama’s lean toward Socialism. In fact, he hasn’t let up since election night. Instead of referring to Obama by his proper title (President-Elect Obama), he is referring to him with the same signatory phrase as a certain dictator; Dear Leader. I’ll let you figure out who this is in reference to. But, I literally laughed at loud at that for some reason. It’s really not all that funny. I guess you just had to be there.

On the way to McDonalds for my morning coffee, a little red corvette ran a red light and nearly slammed into me. If not for me applying about 50,000 PSI to my brakes, I would surely have been slammed into on the driver-side of my little grey Honda Civic. She was doing a good 40MPH. That means I would probably be in the hospital in agony and misery instead of entertaining you with my amazing wit and charm. I hit the horn in anger for a good 10 seconds or more. The little red corvette just kept on flying down the road. Where the hell is the “singer formerly known as Prince, but now is called Prince again” when you need him?

Finally, I got some bad news late yesterday afternoon. I made a post back in the summer about a yellow feral cat that had taken up residence at my home in March of this year. He came to my home gaunt, malnourished and on the 8th of his nine lives. I had started feeding him, so he could get his strength back up. In fact, he had taken a liking to me right before he disappeared about six weeks ago. A friend who lives a couple of streets from me told me that he saw Animal Control Officers catch that same feral yellow cat (whom I had named Old Yellow) with “rifle netting.” Old Yellow hissed and fought. But, it was too late. I told him I wished he would have called me!!! I would have gone to the Animal Shelter and rescued Old Yellow. They had been trying to catch him for me for the last six months. And, damnation, when I DON’T want them to catch him…they catch him. I don’t know who pissed me off most; my alleged friend or the Animal Control Officer that caught Old Yellow. I’m sorry Old Yellow. I wish I would have known.


Oh damn. Sorry to hear Old Yellow is gone. At least he knew some love in his life.

Okay, not that you asked, but I'm going to tell you why I don't like negative political campaigns or the party system, for that matter. :)) It's the actions of a growing minority of not getting behind the elected president, whomever he turns out to be, but instead continues the negativity long past the election and hey, in this case, well before the man's even taken office. He (and again, insert name of whoever wins here) is OUR president, not the president of one party or another. And frankly, if we were to eliminate the current party system and vote our consciences, we might actually see people voting on ALL the issues and avoiding voting strictly party lines.

But I'm not a political beast. I'm just old and tired of it. :))

Hi Lori,

Yeah, it hurts about Old Yellow. I blame myself in some respects. I should have gotten him and took him to a vet and had a chip placed in him. My "putting off 'til tomorrow" has bit me on the ass again.

I appreciate your candid political opinion. I don't like the negative aspect of politics. But, as such, I realize politics breeds negativity. Remember when PE Obama said he wasn't going to wage a negative campaign? That went by the wayside when McCain (probably the weaked Republican candidate in at least a hundred years) went negative. I know Obama had to reciprocate. But, still...don't say you're not going to do it...and then...anyway.

I did not vote for PE Obama for a multitude of reasons. I think he is an extremist in every sense of the word. I hate extremism for a variety of reasons. I see it in both parties. That is why I consider myself a centrist, with leanings to the right. Back to your point...I am willing to give PE Obama the benefit of a doubt. I want him to prove me wrong about him. I don't think he will. But, I'm going to approach this with an open mind. I want to be pleasantly surprised. I think of it this way; if PE Obama is successful, then this entire country is successful. I say, give the man a chance to either prove he's the man for the job...or someone you regretted voting for in the Jimmy Carter fashion.

Hey, I am a political beast...and OLD and but NOT tired! :) Thanks for dropping by, Lori!

That's horrible about your cat. Why did they put him down so fast! Makes me very angry.

Lauren, the excuse given me is that the 15 day death row wait was reduced to 10 days due to increased costs to the animal shelter. What I was pissed off about was my damn friend...or ex-friend. He knew I loved that cat...and I have never been a cat person. I'm just mad as hell about it. But, what can you do? Thanks for coming by. Just love your blog.

I'm sorry to hear about Old Yellow. I love cat.

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