Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – November 04, 2008 – Election Day

Well, as my grandpa used to say, “The hay’s in the barn.” Senators Obama and McCain can sit back and basically relax. That is easier said than done. Both men will be tense, tired and putting on a good face for the cameras. Truth be known, they both are probably glad the campaign is over. It became a nasty campaign in the past couple of weeks. Charges of socialism, four more years of Bush, Sara Palin’s alleged lack of experience (something Obama should know about) are all put aside now. I really doubt all is forgiven and forgotten between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But, both will keep up appearances for appearances sake. Hillary will probably make a run for the Democratic Party nomination in 2012. I say that because regardless of who wins today, I think they will be a one-term president. Rightfully or wrongfully, the next president will start getting the blame for the economy if there is no improvement within 12-18 months. I fear we are in for a long miserable economic slowdown over the next 2-4 years

I fully intend to exercise my constitutional right and vote this morning. I know I posted an entry about this yesterday. I simply can’t emphasize enough how important it is for everyone to get out and cast your ballot. The vast majority of employers will let you off so you can do this. I do hope you will take time this morning and cast your ballot for the candidate of your choice.

I do hope we don’t have a repeat of 2004 when exit polls were released showing John Kerry with a commanding lead. How many people did this discourage from voting? The news media tried to influence the outcome back then just as they have been trying during this campaign. If Obama wins, many people will say it was in large part due to the influence of the liberal news media and the Hollywood liberal elite. If Obama fails, and fails miserably, guess who is going to catch the brunt of criticism? MSNBC is the worst I have ever seen in a major network insofar as their bias toward one candidate. They are anything but professional. Eventually, this will come back to haunt them in the same manner it did with CBS and Dan Rather’s attack on George W. Bush. CBS news never recovered and Dan Rather “retired.”

Finally, 102 year old Thomas Wilson will be driven to his voting precinct to cast his ballot today. He said as long as he has a way to get to “that voting machine, I will do my duty.” The nursing home where Thomas lives now provides him with transportation to go where he needs to go. Indeed, it was only last year that Thomas finally agreed to go to a nursing home. Thomas said last Saturday he has voted in every Presidential Election since the 1932 Presidential Election where he said he proudly cast his vote for Franklin D. Roosevelt. He has not missed any Presidential Election since casting his first vote in 1932. We need more civic mind Americans in this country as this fine centenarian, Mr. Thomas Wilson.


Yup, I maybe home, recuperating at the moment, but I'm still going to vote today--for McCain/Palin.

BTW, I left comments under your "Political Commentary and Threats" post and under your novel's Prologue post.


Tasha, I stood in line for about 30 minutes. But, I talked to others who said they had been waiting for almost an hour. But, I did my civic duty and feel good about it. Thanks for your comments here, on Diary and in email. I sincerely appreciate your comments about my new blog.

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