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A couple of weeks ago, BlogRush went belly up on a Wednesday night, I believe. I was stunned as I had heard nothing about the John Reese owned service having any type of financial difficulty. I realized they were having trouble with people gaming the widget. But, other than that, it was a total shock to me. I made a post about this very subject the following Friday.

I never really got that much traffic from BlogRush. I think most of my traffic is due strictly to my own SEO efforts over the months since this blog started in April of this year. What I missed most were the many blogs that were available in that widget. You could click on one that interested you and read and/or comment. I enjoyed that. Since the demise of BlogRush, I have been looking for alternatives. I have recently joined 125exchange, where you upload an image (125x125 pixels) and it is loaded on other blogs. I really don’t think I have gotten much traffic from this service as yet. I’m willing to give it a month or two before I remove the widget.

I also have just recently joined Entrecard. I tried Entrecard about three months ago and didn’t like it. So, I deleted the widget. I say I didn’t like it because I didn’t understand what it was about. You “drop” your 125x125 image on other blogs in the Entrecard network to accumulate Entrecard credits in order to advertise your blog. I can honestly say I have been kicking myself for not staying with Entrecard when I tried it a couple of months back. I have seen about a 25-30% traffic increase, much better click rates on my ads. I had about given up on any ads at all on this blog. But, since joining Scribefire ad network, I started getting clicks. That only increased significantly with my joining Entrecard. I can’t say enough about this service. I suggest you try it if you are not a member. No, this is not a paid advertisement for Entrecard. But, I would do it if I was asked!

One more thing I have done; I have added a chatbox as you can tell on the left sidebar. I get people to comment much more that way. Heck, I am even getting more comments on my rants on this blog!  I suggest you try everything here if you are not getting the traffic you desire.


hi david!

yeah i've heard about blogrush closing. i used to have their widget but it wasn't giving me any traffic so i removed it. Entrecard is great it will give ur blog lots of traffic especially when used correctly.

btw, that was a pretty amusing message you left on my tagboard. I appreciate the visit =) do drop by again and I will surely visit you back. have a good one!


Yeah, I was really surprised about blogrush. I think it was a mistake by the owners not to ever accept advertising. It appears to be part of a miscalculation on their part. Anyway, glad you liked my little message. I'll be by often to drop more of them. I really like that chat box. I don't know why I waited so long to get one on this blog and on my other blog. Have a great day...or night!

Hi Dave!

Thanks for the reaaly great advice! I joined Entrecard on your reccomendation 3 days ago and I have seen almost instant results! To be sure, I'll be following your other ideas that you were kind enough to email to me on my request.

Thanks, Paul

Paul Edwards Marketing

Paul, glad to see things are picking up for you. Entrecard, 125exchange, spottt and the other ideas I gave you are all just tools. Ultimately, it is up to the blogger to bring everything together and make it all work in tandem. Best of luck and hope you come back soon.

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