Get Out and VOTE Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, U.S. citizens cast their ballot for the next U.S. President, Senator, Congressman and other state and local political contests. Hopefully, everyone who casts a ballot is a legal U.S. citizen. There is a lot of fear about voter fraud in this election. ACORN is being investigated by the FBI for this very reason. Regardless, don’t be intimidated by anyone by performing your constitutional right; the right to vote. Too many men and women have died so that you have that right and other rights as well. If for no other reason, you should take the time to cast your ballot in their memory.

I will admit I have no intention of voting for either John McCain or Barack Obama. I feel McCain is a dangerous man. His temper worries me. What would he do if another “Missiles of October” situation were to present itself? More than that, McCain is just another edition of Bush. I am as sick of the Bush family as most supporters of Obama. Obama is determined to steer this country toward socialism. It doesn’t take a Phi Beta Kappa to realize this. He doesn’t even deny it. Just ask Joe the Plumber about that. Even more worrisome; Obama has shown intolerance to those with opposing viewpoints during his campaign. He had three reporters kicked off his plane because the newspapers endorsed McCain. Obama’s plumbers unit went after Joe the Plumber. No, there is no proof of that. But, who stood to gain the most by finding any revealing info on Joe the Plumber? Obama’s campaign was behind that. With or without the knowledge of Senator Obama, it doesn’t matter. He is ultimately responsible.

I am casting my ballot for a third party candidate. I am voting for the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr. I don’t really agree with him on everything in that Libertarian platform. I doubt Mr. Barr agrees with everything in that platform. But, he is the only person I can find myself able to pull the lever for under his or her name. The Republicans are all about big business now and protecting their cheap labor at the expense of Americans. Like Democrats, Bush is a tax spending fool. The Democrats have entered a socialist area that is both confusing and disturbing. Both parties are about taking care of themselves. I am convinced neither party really cares about the average American. That is why I am casting my vote for the Libertarian Party. Is it throwing away my vote? Possibly. But, that is my right and I simply can’t bring myself to vote for a Republican or Democrat in this Presidential Election of 2008.

Again, I encourage all legally registered voters to get out and VOTE for the candidate of your choice!


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