Five Things I Can’t Stand

I am a relatively easy going type of guy. But, there are some things that just tick me off to no end. At least one of these I mention has happened this week. I’ll let you guess which one.

1. Relatives dropping in unannounced. I don’t normally mind that. I would prefer they call first since I value my privacy. But, that wasn’t the end of it. They showed up with bags in hand to stay for a couple of days. I wasn’t happy about it. But, I simply couldn’t say “You should have called me, I have plans.” It is just one cousin and his family that do this. Why they grace me with their presence, I don’t know.

2. A friend asking for a loan. I have heard all my life the best way to lose a friend is to loan him money. This particular friend is in dire need. He is about to have his home foreclosed if he doesn’t come up with $2500.00 by the 17th of this month. I told him about the new mortgage bailout that Congress enacted a couple of months back. I’m fuzzy on the details. But, he said he didn’t qualify by the rules set forth by the government. This guy isn’t the type that would just outright tell a lie. Of course, he’s never been in the position of losing his home either. I just couldn’t help him. Either way, I’m positive I would lose his friendship.

3. Rude people. Standing in line inside my local bank (first time I have been inside that bank in at least three years), two men got into a shoving match over breaking in line. This one man, seeing that the line was long, decided his business warranted him going to the front of the line. The guy who was at the very front of the line took offense to that immediately. Arguing, threats, cussing and shoving each other brought in this, at least, 70 year old unarmed security guard to try to break it up. While trying to get between the two men, the security guard slipped and fell to the floor. He broke his hip. Both men in the shoving match were taken outside by police. All this started because of one damn rude man who couldn’t wait in line like everyone else.

4. Poor restaurant service. I went to a restaurant to eat dinner with an old friend. First, it took about 15-20 minutes before our waitress showed up to take our drink order. She shows up about 15 minutes later with ice tea that is more water than it was tea. My friend and I were not prepared to see how long it would be before we got served our food order. So, we told the waitress to bring us the ticket and have the manager come out to see us. Long story short, I told the manager I would not be coming back to his restaurant because of the pathetic service of at least one of his waitresses. He wanted to make it up to us by giving us gift certificates. His waitress, who was standing by, kept interrupting the manager and finally she said, “You white folks are the ones that are gonna have to start changing now.” I hope he fired her ass.

5. People who refuse to pull over when a funeral procession is coming up behind them. I know in Alabama it is state law that you must pull over or get into the other lane, at least, to let a funeral procession go by. For whatever reason, most people ignore this law. I am willing to bet there is one woman in a white BMW who will start pulling over. One of the police cars that were leading the funeral procession kept hitting his siren for the BMW to pull over or at least change lanes. She just sped up. Next thing you know, he is really hitting the siren, except now it is for her to pull over for HIM. He wrote her a ticket for that as I was sitting in the doctor’s office. I am still mad over a speeding ticket I got earlier this year. I deserved it. But, this woman deserved her ticket just as much. Maybe this one should have gone under rude people.


Interesting post. The darker side of human nature is well documented here. I try to avoid lines whenever possible but have never seen anyone actually getting physical or causing broken bones. That's awful.

The thing about certain people having to change "now" is pretty funny. I enjoyed that one.

Yeah, I sometimes delve too much into the darker side of humanity. I suppose it's due to the fact I have had so much interaction with the darker side of which I blog so often.

Yeah, when she said that, I almost felt like cussing her out. If the restaurant had been busy, I would have understood it. But, she was too busy laughing and talking to other waiters and waitresses.

Howsa bout when you email someone and they don't bther to reply?o

Paul, have you emailed me? Or were you adding a comment on my post about things you can't stand. Color me confused.

I can't agree enough about pulling over for funeral processions. We had a similar problem for my friend's funeral, after he committed suicide days before our prom. (He was also my date...) A car full of rowdy Desperate Housewives-like women didn't want to pull over because they were looking for some boutique and didn't want to miss their turn... *Sigh* And they were, indeed, in a white Beamer...

I'm stopping by...throwing some love-since u showed me some!

Ur musings are very honest...i'm adding u to my blogroll.

Howsa about (thanks Paul Edward Hubert!!) I see parents in the car with their seatbelt on Joey Jr's standing up holding onto the back of dad's seat!!!

islanesia, that is sad about your friend. I don't know what it is with people in BMWs. I just know that one lady probably paid in the neighborhood of $200.00 for failure to yield for a funeral procession.

mz.bria2u, glad you stopped by. Who is Paul Edward Hubert? I am confused by his comment on this blog entry.

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Hi Dave, and yes... a little of both! I was commenting on your blog as well as making a slight point as I had emailed you personally... I guess sometimes emails are missed... happens to us all! I like your blog and was asking for tips as I am new blogger!


Hi Dave, and yes... a little of both! I was commenting on your blog as well as making a slight point as I had emailed you personally... I guess sometimes emails are missed... happens to us all! I like your blog and was asking for tips as I am new blogger!



First, please accept my humble apologies for not responding to your email. When I added that email link, I neglected to add it to my "white list" in my email program. It must have gotten into my spam file and I delete those at least once a week. If it is any consolation, there have been others that have sent me email (after checking my spam file today) wanting to know why I put an email link if I'm not going to respond!!! :)

Is there anything specifically I can help you with insofar as blogging? I have only been at this since April of this year. But, I have learned a few things I am more than happy to share. If you will, send me another email and this time, in the subject line, please put your entire name so I won't miss it. I have that email linked into my white list now. I should not miss it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks Dave, you're a gent! An email is on the way!


Interesting post. My guess is that you were asked for a loan by a friend this week.

Very sad about that security guard breaking his hip. That's awful!

karen & amp, etc., actually, it was #4...and on Wednesday afternoon. Thanks for your comment. Hope you'll be back!

Hello David,

#1. In the Philippines where I'm from, strangers and relatives would just drop by without notice and we would feed them. Since I've lived here, my outlook on this matter has changed and is now the same as yours.

#2. I'm afraid that I've loaned so many friends and relatives money, that if all of them would pay me, perhaps my hubby and I can go on luxurious vacations every year for at least ten consecutive years. I'm finally learning to say no, which makes hubby very happy.

#3. I haven't experienced the line in a bank rudeness, but I get so angry at people driving their cars beyond the sign telling people to move to either left or right lane because the 2-lane is going to be one soon. Anyway, drivers ignore them and still keep driving on the soon-to-be closed lane. When they get to the point where the lane is completely closed, then they forcefully direct their cars into the traffic to get in. So, of course, people, including me, are obligated to let them in.

#4. Depending on my mood at the time. But I don't like the waitress' comments. I'd be hopping mad as well. I think that was uncalled for on her part.

#5. Even if it's not the law, other drivers should be respectful and pull to the side to let the procession pass by


tasha, good to see your comments over here!

As for the waitress; my friend who was with me refused to let that incident rest. He told me yesterday morning he went back to that restaurant to speak with the manager about that waitress comment. My friend was informed "she is no longer employed at this restaurant." She got waht she deserved.

Did not know you were from the Phillipines. I spent about nine months in Subic Bay as a young sailor back in early 70s. Thanks for your comment.

I hate to see people get fired from there jobs, but in this case, I think the lady deserved it. Instead of apologizing to you, she made an unapologetic, racist, and divisive kind of comment.

Yes, I was from the Philippines. If you're interested in reading about my life, I have posted several throughout my Tasha's Take blog. By the way, I befriended a blogger from Subic and she has a blog dedicated to Subic. Bayhttp://subicnewslink.blogspot.com/

I wish I had the chance to visit Subic before it got closed. My hubby said he'd been there to buy his first stereo set.

Also, I've been reading your novel and been leaving comments there as well.

Have a great week,

Tasha, I have been all over the world...but I enjoyed my time in Subic Bay as much, if not more, than any place I ever visited. Remember, I was a young man back then. :) Almost married a pinay from Subic Bay...alas, she was killed in an auto accident before we could marry. Got involved with a pinay from Mindaneo(?) about a year ago. She finally came to USA to be with her aunt, and she forgot about me, I guess. Anyway, I'm seeing someone I really like now.

I'll go check out your comments.

Sorry about the Pinay, but I'm glad you found someone you really like now. Congratulations and God Bless.


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