Feedburner and Fictional Blogs

One thing I can’t help but take notice of, on each and every day, is my feed count with feedburner up there in the upper right side-bar. That has varied from a high of 40 all the way down to a low of 23 over the past two months. I have no idea what happens there. It is like a rollercoaster ride. I know it’s no big deal before anyone says anything. But, I can’t help but be curious how it can go as high as 40 one day and then drop as much to 31 the next. I have no idea how this subscription stuff works. I thought once you subscribed to a feed, you got it every day. Apparently, that train of thought is incorrect. Just looking at the numbers, one would surmise it is a daily feed that you must subscribe to. I’m open to correction on this.

My other blog, “Diary: Alone on Earth,” started out at 6 feed count and is now at 22. It keeps rising and will probably surpass the parent blog here in a week or so. The difference between the two; I post about 5 times a week on this blog (only 4 this week due to being out of town). On my fictional Diary blog, I post 3 times a week (only 2 this week due to being out of town). Yet, “Diary” in feed count is close to surpassing the home blog here. What’s my point? It’s this…personal blogs are not yet at the point of being surpassed by fictional blogs. However, fictional blogs are a growing entity now. I did not realize this until I started my “Diary” series. Now, “Diary” does not get anything close to the daily traffic as this one. But, “Diary” is only about 6 weeks old as opposed to “David’s Musings” being close to 8 months old now. Without giving out specific numbers, the traffic growth rate of my fictional series is experiencing a 10-15% weekly increase. I did not expect this. I was thinking maybe 1-3% increase a week if I was damn lucky.

It does appear, just based on some unscientific research, fictional blogs are being well received. Of course, it’s all about content. If you put crap out there, nobody is going to want to read it. I have discovered, in just the short time of my “Dairy” series, this is a concept that people seem to like. It’s all about entertainment. If you can entertain the reader, he or she will keep coming back. That’s the concept with a book a month writer like Stephen King. I don't agree with his politics at all. But, he is a damn fine writer. He entertains people. If you can offer the reader a few minutes escape from the daily grind…hell, the time you spend in this blogging stuff is all worth it.


I'm terrible with statistics and all that feedburner stuff. I do this for fun and if people come and participate with me I'm ok with that.

It's just something I notice for some reason. I'm a bit of a stats freak anyway.

I think there was a glitch that certain day.. I noticed the same thing happened to me... i had a steady of 44-48 in my feedcount each day and last thursday, it sink to 19 all of a sudden... i was not able to check yesterday (friday) but today, it went back to 49 and currently,i have 53 in my feedcount... i dont know what is happening either.

I don't also know how i reached 53 as I do not promote subscription to others... i want them to subscrobe ONLY AND ONLY IF they are interested in my contents...

From my blog, i had 22 and it went down to 3 but today, i have seen that it is 22 again.. i think feedburner just had something last week.

webbie, rogue, I think you both hit on the same thing. It most likely was a feedburner issue. However, I subscribe to the feed medic alert that is supposed to notify you when there is an issue at FB. Not sure why they didn't send it out. Thanks for your comments.

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