Election Day Musings

This is the 9th straight presidential election I have participated in since I started voting. I am ashamed to say, I did not vote until I was 25 years old. I just was interested in one thing; women. I still am. Just not at the expense of everything else! It was the second time I have voted for a third party candidate. In 2000, I voted for George W. Bush much to my dismay now. In 2004 I can’t even remember who I voted for in that election. I just know it was for the Constitutional Party. This time I voted Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr. I could not bring myself to vote for either Obama or McCain. As I type this, early returns are coming in on Tuesday night. But, I tend to believe it is a foregone conclusion Obama will win. It is a foregone conclusion the Democrats are going to wield absolute power, absolutely in the Senate and House. I don’t have to tell you what that could mean for this country.

Lines at voting precincts were incredibly long. I mean I have never seen lines that long before in any election, national, state or local. Of course, there were the inevitable arguments with people demanding to vote when they were being told they were at the wrong voting precinct. They didn’t want to hear that. It happens every time I go to vote. People cannot follow simple instructions. Sometimes I think people should have to take some kind of test to see if they have the intelligence to vote. Of course, there is always at least one fight and police have to make arrests. People act like children at times. It makes me sick.

I don’t know what the future holds for this country with the election of yesterday. I don’t think it could be much worse than what we have endured under “W” for 8 years. But, I could be wrong about that. Obama could be worse…much worse. I hope not. Obama has made a lot of promises to people. He’s made promises that he simply can’t make. When he fails to deliver, I suspect there will be a terrific backlash. If that happens, I suspect Republicans will make gains against the Democrats in the mid-term elections. Back and forth, back and forth it goes. Whoever is president, they will have their hands full both domestically and internationally. I’m astounded at how many people vie for this thankless job, spend millions of dollars and wind up being ridiculed by people all over the world. Maybe someone smarter than me can explain why anyone would run for president. I don’t get it.


I would run just to be able to travel on AF One. And I hear the interns are pretty hot.

But I'm a pretty self absorbed person and couldn't win because I'm not too bright either.

Or, maybe not. . .

david, I have a nephew who worked in Alabama Senator Richard Shelby's office as a summer intern. He said the "talent" that worked there wasn't due to their intelligence. He didn't want to come home.

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