“Duh” Moment of the Week

Having been to the Pentagon once in my life, I was startled to see that “flash drives” are now being banned from a building with highly classified material
. I mean, how hard is it to download classified documents to a flash drive and walk out the door? Sure, there are procedures in place to prevent this…or try to prevent it. Having served in the national security field while in the U.S. Navy, I know it is almost impossible to stop every security breach. However, we used common sense back in those days. Someone who is damned and determined to escape with top secret documents will find a way. This is especially true when money is involved. Just ask Robert Hanssen, the most notorious spy in U.S. history, about that. He spied against this nation and profited from it for about 20 years. He didn’t have the luxury of a flash drive, most likely. But, the point is…where there is a will, there is a way.

The thing that amazed me even more about this story; it wasn’t necessarily due to security threats. The reason giving for the ban is due to viruses possibly finding their way into the computer network at the Pentagon. What a crock this is. I was totally surprised by this story. There should be no, repeat, no kind of temporary storage device in a building with national secrets like the Pentagon. Is it any wonder how easily the Chinese were able to steal some of the most highly classified secrets this nation had during the ‘90s? If “Bill” had not been so enamored with an overweight Jewish girl who had a real knack for “oral sex,” this would not have happened or, at least, not the extent that took place. I hope whoever is in charge of security oversight at the Pentagon realizes what a complete mistake it is to have temporary storage devices (such as flash drives) even allowed in the Pentagon. Apparently, we learned nothing from the late 90s national security disaster.


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