Additional Comments on Election Day

It seems that as much jubilation there is over Obama winning the Presidency, there is an equal amount of fury about his win. I have noticed in one yard there is a sign saying “USA – Died November 04, 2008. USSA – Born November 04, 2008.” I’m guessing the USSA stands for “United Socialist States of America.” That’s probably taking things a bit too far. But, as I have stated countless times on this blog, there are extremists in both parties. The extremists in the Republican Party have been front and center for almost a decade. Now, it is time for the extremists in the Democratic Party to surface to the top. I detest both groups. One of the few things I agree with Obama about; the divisiveness of blue states vs red states, white vs black, Republicans vs Democrats, etc., must end if this nation is to ever move forward. I disagree with President-Elect Obama’s politics. But, I find it admirable he does recognize a major problem in this country that is tearing us all apart. I seriously doubt he can do anything about it other than make platitudes about how it should end. But, we’ll see how he goes about correcting this.

In several businesses yesterday morning, I noticed American flags flying upside down. There were heated arguments about this in two of the businesses flying these flags upside down. This is supposedly a symbol of distress when you fly the American flag this way. I was at the barber shop yesterday morning and Obama was the only subject of discussion. There were some things said that could get people arrested. The barber mentioned that to two of the more angry customers. He further stated that they could carry that kind of talk outside his place of business. I gave him a big tip for doing that. Like it or not, Obama is the next President of the United States. I think if Obama moderates his views, such as on universal health care that could cost taxpayers billions of dollars, he would help his cause among people such as I saw and heard this morning at the barber shop. He’s made a lot of promises that he simply can’t do. In fact, he is already making excuses in saying “…we may not can do it in one year. Or one term.” He’s setting himself up for the inevitable backlash when he doesn’t come through with all the promises he has made for every Tom, Dick and Harry out there. This is going to be the albatross that will weigh him down throughout the next four years, in my opinion.

I hope President-Elect Obama is successful. Despite my many misgivings about the man, he is now our president. I hope he can unite a very fractured nation. If he does what is best for the nation and not for his party, special interest groups or some of the fringe elements that have supported him, he may go down as one of our greatest presidents. I’m willing to give him the benefit of a doubt. I just pray his campaign message of “hope and change” will have some substance to it. I pray it is more than just a political catch phrase.


He will be whatever they allow him to be. He can't do it alone and if he meets opposition every step of the way, he'll end up being the scape goat for all that is already wrong when he got there.

Of course, he can't do it alone. But, he has a rare luxury to push forth his agenda; both the House and Senate are dominated by Democrats. He will be responsible only for whatever policies his administration implements. He's got an unfair load to deal with as he takes office. But, he knew what he was getting into when he decided to run for President. Thanks for your thoughts.

Anyone who thinks that Obama is an "extremist" hasn't taken much time to study his Senatorial voting record, or his selection of Rahm Emanuel as a Chief of Staff. Contrary to the blatherings among the wingtard chattering classes, Emanuel is about as down the middle as it gets.

Jollyroger...in one sense you are correct. It's tough to judge a man who votes "present" 137 times on bills in Illinois. He supports partial birth abortion, Homosexuality no more immoral than heterosexuality. (Oct 2007), no preconditions to meet with leaders of American enemies (cuba, venezula, North Korea, et al), Respect 2nd Amendment, but local gun bans ok. (Feb 2008...huh?), a socialist health care system that will cost taxpayers BILLIONS, Support granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. (Nov 2007), Voted YES on allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security. (May 2006) and I could go on and on. He is an extremist in every sense of the word. He was noted as the most liberal senator in the U.S....even to the left of Ted Kennedy and his lackeys. Go to this site for all the other issues he has supported....http://www.ontheissues.org/Senate/Barack_Obama.htm

Nice post. this is my first time on your blog and I will visit again.

mrsfab, you look fabulous, darling...sorry, I just felt like saying that! :) Come back again!

Obama rocks. I think he's just what the world needs for a change, and to undo all the damage Bush did. I'm sure he'll be a great Prez.

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