Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – October 28, 2008

I finally got a reply from the Alabama Department of Transportation about the incident that took place last Tuesday on I-65. I made a post about it (A Near Tragedy) and sent the link to ALDOT. I did not expect a reply from them. But, within an hour of sending the email last Thursday morning, I got a reply. I was told they would investigate the matter, find the two individuals responsible and hold them accountable. Now, my intent was not to get these two roadside workers in trouble. But, it was possible at least three people could have gotten killed because of the two careless ALDOT roadside employees. It was an absolute miracle I wasn’t rear ended by the SUV. It was just as much a miracle I didn’t hit the worker who was taking his time to cross I-65.

I just read on Reuters Online that Obama has a 5 point lead over McCain. There is no chance (short of some totally unexpected surprise) McCain can overcome that in just one week. America has definitely tilted to the left. Senator Obama is even to the left of the likes of Ted Kennedy, and Harry Reid. That “spread the wealth” comment did not hurt Obama as much as I anticipated. But, there is no doubt Senator Obama has the warm fuzzies for socialism. Just as a reminder to the supporters of Senator Obama; when you get a smaller paycheck over the next four years, go blame the person you see in the mirror. If you really believe he’s only going to tax those making $250K and over, you are na├»ve. Prosperity is going to be condemned and punished for the next four years, possibly longer. On the flip side of the coin, a Bush III with John McCain does not fill me with confidence either. It’s difficult to believe the Republicans actually nominated someone so far out of step with their mainstream constituency. It’s going to be a fun filled four years, folks.

Gas prices have fallen to 2.39/gallion in my area. I simply am amazed how quickly the price of a barrel of oil has fallen in just three short months. It is indicative of how the world is anticipating a recession. It’s not going to be just focused in the USA. It is going worldwide. It all comes back to the banking industry, in my opinion. They made loans to people who should not have even qualified for sub-prime loan to buy a home. Credit cards were being handed out left and right. Terrible investments and all the above spells disaster. You would think there are smart people in the banking industry that saw this coming. You would think that way. But, there are either some really dumb people in banking or they saw a good way to make a financial killing for themselves. I tend to believe it is the later. And we all bailed them out. Thanks “W.” And special thanks go to the Democrats who ignored the warnings about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 2001. Third Party anyone?

Finally, I just realized yesterday I am coming up on the anniversary of my wedding next month. I know I should just forget it. I normally send an email to my ex-wife about that date. And, as always, she says she regrets things didn’t work out. That is always the response. This year, I have decided to just ignore the date. I think maybe she wants to forget it as well. It was a marriage that was doomed from the start. We both married late in our lives. We were both stuck in our own ways. I think there was enough blame to go around for us both. I have my reasons why I think she is to blame for the divorce. She has her reasons why I am to blame for the divorce. I still harbor some bitterness toward her. But, I don’t hate her any longer. Hate just destroys you and does nothing to the person you are directing it toward. I have just decided to move on with my life, including ignoring the anniversary date this year. I hope she does likewise.


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