Political Commentary and Threats

This blog is slightly over six months old. In that time, I have made numerous blog entries. Most of the time, it is about my life and my experiences down this road we call life. I enjoy talking about people and times in my life. It seems that others do too since this blog seems to enjoy a modicum of success insofar as traffic. It is rare that I deviate from that theme. As of late, I have added my own political commentary on the presidential race. It is historic in that we have an African-American on the verge of becoming the President of the United States. I think he will win in November. That seems to be assured now due to a poor nominee from the Republican Party.

I have been on the internet since 1990. My first venture into the online world was with an online service called “Prodigy.” It was slow, heavily graphic in a pre-broadband world. Shortly after Prodigy went nation-wide, the internet took off as well. I have participated in many message board debates, whether it be sports, religion or political. It is the latter of the three that has always brought out the best and the worst in people. Politically, I consider myself a centrist with leanings to the right. I detest extremists in both the Republican and Democratic parties. It is they that cause all the acrimony that currently exists between both parties.

Last week I made two political posts. In both posts, I blasted both parties, both nominees. I make more scathing commentary toward Senator Obama because he is leading this nation to socialism. John McCain is only slightly behind him in that regard. What I did not expect were three very vulgar comments on the “An Increasingly Nasty Campaign” post I made. I won’t repeat what they were since I immediately deleted them. Imagine my surprise when I received threatening email from three so-called Obama supporters over what I consider two innocuous posts. The second political post was “Joe the Plumber: A Potential Mistake for Obama.” For that last political post, I received three emails from people stating I should have my head beat in, I was dog cussed by another and then in the last email I had my life threatened. Yes, I had my life threatened. This is the first time this has happened to me in the 18 years I have been active in the online world. I forwarded the life threatening email to the FCC and local law enforcement authorities. I don’t feel I am in danger. But, such a deranged person could hurt someone else.

I will say this and I don’t care if it offends Obama supporters; some of you people are fanatics bordering on being dangerous. It is symptomatic of the Obama Campaign. They do not take criticism well. The Republicans are trying to join Obama at the hip with the known Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers. The Obama Campaign wants that discussion quashed at all costs. They have even gone to court to try to stop it. This is America. We have freedom of speech…or least for the next three months we do. Until that amendment is repealed, I intend to speak my piece on this blog about both Obama and McCain. Threats be damned. I will continue. Two people have complained to Google about both those posts. If I get kicked off Blogger, I will continue elsewhere. You people who are blindly following Obama and his message of “change” had best take a good look at yourselves. Is this what you want for America? A man so thin-skinned he wants retribution in court? Before you say it…of course I don’t believe for one minute these people who threatened me were in any way officially connected to the Obama Campaign. What scares me is the cult like following this man has garnered. I even considered voting for Senator Obama at one time. That is the absolute truth! But, he scares me now. His followers scare me even more…much more. It appears you cannot question Senator Obama’s plans for this country without being shouted down or intimidated. This is not the America I represented during my time in the U.S. Navy. If you follow this blog at all, you know I find both Bush and McCain despicable for the way they have all be destroyed this great nation both domestically and internationally. So, spare me the calls that I am a “Bushie.” I’m not.

As stated, I will continue to give my political opinion on this board. I think John McCain is Bush III. I think Obama is Jimmy Carter II…but with a hint of Karl Marx mixed in. I’m not going to take down my email link. I will not be intimidated. I will continue to speak out on political issues. Those of you who cannot accept criticism of either McCain or Obama (especially Obama), then go to a blog where you can goose step with those who think as you do.


Hi David,

You're right that Obama will probably be elected. I am not as frightened of the candidate as I am of what his election would say about the direction of our country (and the number of "hand-out" citizens that want a Nanny State). If you really want to tick off Obama's supporters go ahead and play this "race card": A white male with his exact (lack of) qualifications never would have been elected to the Senate, and certainly would never have been the Democratic nominee. So who's the racist?? Simple as that.


Dan in San Diego

Dan, I am resigned to an Obama presidency. But, to all those people who are blindly following him, I say...be careful of what you wish for...you damn sure going to get it now. For the most part, it is as you say, people who follow him want to be "taken care of" by the government. Wait 'til they see their meager earnings taxed by this fake. They will deserve it. Thanks for stopping by.

Good for you, David, for standing up to those intimidators. I disagree with you about Bush and McCain, though. I think Bush has been a great President and McCain has been a great hero to me. But this is a free country and we're free to express our opinions and can agree to disagree, right?

Thanks for dropping me an EC.


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