My New Blog – Diary: Alone on Earth

(EDIT: ebook of this story now available at Amazon) I said last week it would be a couple of weeks before my new blog with the above title was ready. But, I finished the prologue a little quicker than I had planned. So, I decided last Saturday to go a head and publish it. “Diary: Alone on Earth” is going to allow me to explore one of my most dreaded of fears; fear of being alone. Oh, I have many other phobias such as fear of heights, of being lost, closed places, and more. But, the fear of being alone is the only one that has given me nightmares. So, I decided to explore this further than my nightmares went. Thanks go out to the Twilight Zone episode “Where is Everybody?” and “I Am Legend,” as inspiration for this new blog. However, there are some changes from the reoccurring dream I had. There is no talking dog and I don’t live in a damn igloo dog house in this new blog as I did in my “Reoccurring Dream.”

One thing I didn’t expect was for Blogrush to deny my request to be placed in their network. Ok, I realize I have only one post thus far. I can see their logic, I suppose. So, I decided to go in another direction. I have a network widget from widgetbox (notice on right sidebar) which is good as or even better than Blogrush. Regardless, I will still provide links and commentary on David’s Musings about my new blog. So, Alone on Earth will still be on Blogrush indirectly. I hope everyone will give it a look-see, leave comments or whatever. If you find you like it, I hope you’ll subscribe to my feed.

One thing I want everyone to remember, each title entry will be one day. For example, November 16, 2016 will be my first entry. The second entry, regardless of actual time interim, will be November 17, 2016. November 16, 2016 will be the last “normal day” on earth as I know it in this blog/diary/ book…whatever you want to call it. As stated before, two entries a week will be all I will be able to manage at first. If the blog takes off, as this one did in just six months, that will certainly warrant more entries. I’ll just have to find time to do it.


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