An Increasingly Nasty Campaign

The 2008 Presidential Election is taking a decidedly nasty turn toward demagoguery. Congressman John Lewis, of Georgia, stated that Sen. John McCain was “fomenting racial hatred” with his increasingly bitter attacks on the character of Senator Obama. We have charges by VP nominee Sarah Palin that Senator Obama is a “friend of terrorists” due to Obama’s association with Weatherman Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers. Of course, there have been sexist remarks made about Sarah Palin since she was announced as the Republican nominee for VP. I’m sitting at my desk typing up this blog entry and I’m trying to remember Senator Obama’s vow to carry out a different kind of campaign. He promoted himself as an “agent of change” (without really identifying what kind of change he would bring). Yes, we see the same thing from Senator Obama as we have from all campaigns in the past. To be brutally honest, I think both McCain and Obama will be disastrous for the USA. One has to win. Obama will move this country closer to socialism than at any other point in our history. McCain will most likely continue down the primrose path of destruction set by Bush I&II.

I am disappointed to see in this day and time we still are not past racial bigotry. That goes for both sides, Democrat and Republican. Congressman Lewis should be ashamed of himself for comparing Senator McCain to the late Alabama governor, George C. Wallace. I have total disdain for John McCain. But, he is NOT a racist. However, he needs to rein in his audience for some of the outrageous things they heckle about Senator Obama. Senator Obama needs to go after people like Congressman John Lewis if he intends to be a president of all the people in this country. His associations with the avowed racist and anti-Semite Rev. Jeremiah Wright is still a cause of concern with people despite Obama’s disassociation from him. Seriously, did anyone believe Obama when he said he had never heard racist remarks from Wright in the 20 years he attended that church? It reminds me of Bill Clinton’s remark of smoking marijuana but not inhaling. Both are, at the very least, ridiculous denials; flat out lies at worst.

In passing, I long for the day when we have a leader like JFK, Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln. We desperately need someone like that right now as our Chief Executive. I’m tired of the popularity contest that has become our presidential election. No one has substance any longer. It’s all about who can come up with the best catch phrase or promises to help people. Neither McCain or Obama really “stand for anything.” But, they are both promising everything in their ongoing quest for the Oval Office.


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