2008 TOYOTA SIENNA – CarConnection.com

Not being a family man, I really have not had any reason to even inquire about a minivan such as the 2008 Toyota Sienna. After reading 2008 Toyota Sienna reviews at carconnection.com, I’d have to say Toyota Sienna reviews are mixed at best. It seems the newest edition of the Toyota Sienna continues to have spacious and luxurious cabin interior. The styling is nothing out of the ordinary or radical. The Toyota Sienna, like so many other minivans, are dated and seemingly out of touch with today’s world of high gas prices. The Toyota Sienna does offer a very comfortable ride. It offers features such as closed-circuit video camera, dual sliding doors, and laser guided cruise control to name just a few. Electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes are now standard on this family vehicle. I was mildly surprised it is just now making the latter two standard at this late date for minivans.

I suppose the best feature is it’s Toyota reliability. Some may say the Honda Odyessy offers all the above features and more. However, there is a difference in price to consider also. The Sienna offers options such as a DVD entertainment package with JBL speakers (the best made in my opinion), and some mentioned above. It got a good safety rating at U.S. crash tests. It got 4 out of 5 stars for frontal impact (which is important with all short front-end minivans) and 5 stars on side impact. Considering this is a vehicle used for family transportation, that is a very good rating. Carconnection.com gave the Toyota Sienna a 7.6 rating out of a possible 10. That is about where I would rate it it as well. MSRP is in the $24.400 to $37,765 range.


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