Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – September 30, 2008

Can you believe this is the last day of September? We are about to finish off the ninth month of the year. I simply don’t understand why it is the years go by so much faster as you get older. I didn’t really notice this phenomenon until after my 30th birthday. It seems like only a few short weeks ago we were celebrating New Year’s Day. Just yesterday I noticed people talking on TV about Christmas. Christmas???

John McCain made perhaps one of the biggest blunders of any recent presidential campaign. His idea to suspend his campaign and run back to D.C. (as if the Senate couldn’t function without him) to help with the banker’s bailout plan was sheer stupidity. Whoever advised him to do this should be fired. It was a terrible mistake. Obama’s poll numbers have climbed dramatically since that announcement from the McCain Campaign. Now that the “feel good” moment has worn off of Sarah Palin, we are starting to see she really isn’t qualified for the VP position. “I’ll have to get back to you” is not something you tell world leaders. It’s possible she has sealed McCain’s defeat. There is still over a month left before the election. But, I don’t see McCain having the fire necessary to overcome Obama’s lead in the polls.

You may have noticed I no longer have a Pagerank with Google. I came home Friday night and checked on my blog. I noticed the PR3 was gone. I have no idea why. I’m back to “unranked.” I can’t find any way to contact Google to find out why. I made a big deal out of it when I got it just a couple of months ago. But, after that, I basically ignored it. It just is mystifying as to why it was taken away. I’m sure Google has their reasons. Yeah, right.

Finally, yesterday I went to a local cemetery where my mother and little sister are buried side by side. This is always an emotional time for me whenever I visit. I just clean off their headstones, reflect on when they both were alive and all the good times we had. It’s usually very quiet out there so one can get lost in their thoughts. I couldn’t help but notice this one young woman on her knees sobbing softly at a grave. She was in the part of the cemetery called “Little Angels” where all children six years or less are buried. I had to assume this was her child. I felt great sympathy for her. She was by herself. I didn’t think I should intrude, and I didn’t. But, I felt like going to her and trying to comfort her. I decided I probably would have scared her more than anything else. So, I just stood there afar and felt for her as deeply as I could. It reminded me that despite whatever troubles or heartaches we may have, there is someone else experiencing pain just as much…or more. In this particular case, the loss of a child is something I can’t begin to even fathom. My mother knew what it was like. She said it was like someone ripping your heart out over and over and over. I tend to think that young woman at the cemetery would agree.


I saw a quote on another blog today that fits right into your "time" comment... "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes".


How did this work out for you?

anon, that is a very apt and completely true description of my time comment. Excellent!

David, I will completely missed that link. I will give it a try now.

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