Some Minor Car Damage

I got a surprise yesterday morning as I walked to my Honda Civic. After thinking I had escaped hurricane damage to house and vehicle, I was surprised to see a dent on the roof of my car. It was just above the rear view mirror. I also noticed there is a crack from the top of the windshield, stretching about three inches. As if that were not enough, I also found a dent on the driver-side rear-panel of my car. I was absolutely shocked I didn’t notice it until yesterday morning. Both dents are the type where you have to look sideways at the car before you can see it. So, that is the only reason I can surmise I didn’t notice it until now. But, I can’t explain why I didn’t noticed the crack at the very top of my windshield.

I have to give some props to my insurance company, Liberty Mutual. They handled everything within ten minutes. I don’t have rental car insurance on my car. However, they were going to make an exception because of the hurricane! I was shocked. This is the first time I’ve ever filed a claim with Liberty. I was very impressed with their professional approach to my claim. And, no, this is not a paid blog entry by them. However, I may be doing that for other companies in the future on this blog. All things considered, I am happy with my car insurance company. They may have found themselves a customer for life.


sigh. i love that car. but hey i'm only 19 so i guess whatever gets me from A to B will do for now. But my goal is that car.
nice blog btw, i read it regularly

bratarmy29, it is a very well built, attractive car. I just have had some minor difficulties with it. Nothing major, however. Thanks for reading my blog! Hope to hear from you again soon.

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