September 11, 2001: Where were you?

I was at a Shoney’s restaurant in Florence, AL with my wife (ex-wife now) eating breakfast. They had TVs stationed so no matter where you sat, you could see a TV. Unfortunately, they had the sound down to where you couldn’t hear anything. That changed as CNN reported “a light aircraft had hit one of the towers of the WTC.” I looked up at the gaping hole in the tower and the clear blue sky. No way that was a light aircraft and no way it wasn’t intentional. I recall making the remark to my wife this was intentional, regardless of what the talking heads on CNN were saying. We left and went to her father’s house which was only 10 minutes away. He had it tuned to NBC with Katie Couric still calling it an “accident.” I told my FIL “There is no way…” and suddenly the other tower exploded into a giant fireball. And, cutesy, warm and engaging Katie Couric replied, “And now we have another accident…”

I knew at that time I was witnessing history in the same manner that people witnessed Pearl Harbor. The USA was at war. We had come under attack by a cowardly, gutless enemy who would rather attack innocent civilians than fight the US military. Yes, the “religion of peace” was at war with the infidels of the western world. Namely, the United States of America was target #1. Those of you who are Muslims and are offended; I don’t care. When Muslim “moderates” constantly and consistently condemn the actions of Osama bin Laden and his cowardly lackeys, then I might have a measure of respect for you. I’ve waited for that day since September 11, 2001. There is just an occasional remark of slight condemnation of the attacks of 9-1-1 and at Bali and London. But, they are rare and very inconsistent.

So, if these pics of that day offend you; good. As I said, I don’t care. I’m tired of the acquiescence of the Muslims at airports (wash rooms just for Muslims) and your very own public school in MN. The latter is a clear violation of church and state. Gee, where is the ACLU? But, I give the Muslim fundamentalists credit for one thing; they, at least, recognize they are at war with the West. We seem to have forgotten that simple fact. How unfortunate would it be for us to be reminded, once again, with another 9-1-1?


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keely, that would not be the first time Google has had issues with me! :) I think it is fixed now...their problem, not mine though. Again thanks for the review and thanks for coming by.

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