A Scarcity of Goods

One of the many problems associated with hurricanes is the aftermath. This time we were very lucky in that there was little or no damage locally. But, there are other issues to deal with right now. One of those is batteries. Any size, shape or brand is just about gone. I needed D size batteries for my battery operated fans. No luck in finding any. None. Bottled water? Good luck with that. Almost all the necessities needed prior to a hurricane are in short supply. Sure, you can find canned goods at Wal-Mart. But, other items, such as charcoal for your grill, are almost gone all over the city. It’s practically impossible to find generators right now.

I suspect all hurricane items will be replenished before the end of the week. Gas supplies are back up to normal at local gas stations. But, if Hanna or Ike make their way into the gulf, we will once again see people panic and gas will be in short supply. I can almost sympathize in some respects. Hurricane Katrina affected people in an adverse way. The shock waves of Katrina are still being dealt with in certain areas from New Orleans to Mobile, AL. I’m not sure we will ever recover from that storm, physically or mental-wise. But, for now, we have to restock hurricane supplies of batteries, bottled water, canned goods, etc. Hopefully, we won’t find the necessity of using any of the above items due to hurricanes. We are entering the “mean season” of hurricane activity. The number of storms is only going to increase in September and possibly into October. We have to stay prepared, at least, until November 30th.


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