The Hospital Bill

As many who frequent this blog may remember, I had back surgery (lumbar disc) back on July 10th of this year. As usual, within a week of my leaving the hospital, I began receiving bills. There were none over $15.00 since I have Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield supplemental. In fact, I think I only got two bills and one was refunded back to me because the billing department had made a mistake.

Monday afternoon, as I went to the mailbox to retrieve my mail, I noticed a letter from this same hospital. Thinking it was a letter related to my surgery, I quickly opened the letter. Imagine my SHOCK when I realized it was a bill for $5, 286. 17!!! Stunned…I had to keep looking at it to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. All my bills had been paid or so I had thought. Just barely taking the time to catch my breath, I called the billing department at the hospital. Of course, it was after their working hours. So, I fumed all Monday night.

Tuesday morning I called them a 8AM. I told them about the bill which I had received. The lady asked, “Would you like us to set up a payment program for you sir?” Uh, no, I do not want you to set up a payment program for me. I proceeded to tell her there was no way in hell I should be charged for this bill. I told her I thought I had received ALL my bills for my BACK SURGERY. There was dead silence at the other end of the phone line. She said, “Sir, this bill indicates an outstanding balance you owe the hospital due to the complications your wife had during delivery of the BABY. Your insurance refused to pay and you are responsible.” Now, it was my time to go silent. I then calmly, succinctly and pointedly informed the billing rep there HAD to have been a mistake. I am divorced, I have no children (of which I am aware) and at age 57, have no plans to start a family. More importantly, while I am relatively certain I can still make a baby, I had nothing to do with the mother of this child! Despite this, she insisted because my name, address, and insurance information is on the bill, I am responsible for the $5,286.17. I told her I will see her and her supervisor bright and early Thursday morning.

You know…it’s not easy being me.


It's nice to be able to actually look forward to a visit to a billing department. Isn't it? :)

This is very interesting, will you do a follow up and let us know what happended after you visited the supervisors office?

omg how awful, I hope you get it sorted. That is one good thing about the UK, unless you go for private treatment you pay nothing as the money is deducted from our wage, so everyone pays national insurance (NI)

David...I simply can't WAIT for Thursday morning. This is beyond ridiculous.

latisha...yes, I will do an update on Friday morning. Thanks for coming by.

grooveycrafts, I will definitely get it straightened out. It just comes down to incompetent people in positions they aren't qualified to hold. It's common in the USA. But, to you point about the different health care treatments...I vastly prefer our health care system, warts and all. I'm not enthused about waiting on having a committee determine if I need an operation or not. But, to each his own. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh no. That's not one good thing. . We don't want socialized medicine thank you. We like being treated now for things that are bothering us instead of next month or next year. LOL. And he is not feeling trepidation about going there. There is no way he is going to pay it. He's going to have FUN when he shows up and begins demonstrating to them how incompetent they are. You have got our system all wrong. WE enjoy it....sometimes.

Oh my gosh - you will lugh about this one day! Congrats on the new baby, he he!!

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