Gustav: Final Update - Mobile, AL

I did not do any other updates yesterday and to day due to several things. One, I had to make sure my house was protected as much as one can protect it for a hurricane. That include boarding up windows, getting last minute food items, water, canned good, etc., and several odds and ends you have to prepare. The Hurricane hit just southwest of New Orleans. At time of this posting, New Orleans is in danger of several levees being toppled. The outcome is not clear at this time as I type this. My prayers are with those people. Gustav is presently a Cat I hurricane and is curving up through Louisiana and soon, into Texas.

The feeling here in Mobile, AL is that we were spared...once again. I don't know...there must be a lot of folks in Mobile living right. If that is true, I hope they continue. There are other storms in the Atlantic that can come our way within a week. People here are feeling relieved, blessed and, perhaps, thinking of what might have been. Like so many areas along the gulf coast, Mobile has not 100% recovered from Hurricane Katrina, both physically and mentally. Living on the gulf coast one has to expect to "weather the storms" here. Now, as we watch with concern for our neighbors in Louisiana and Texas, we must now prepare for other storms that could perhaps make us think there is a hurricane coming with our name on it. That storm could be "Ike."


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