Feelings of Great Sympathy Today

As I type this entry, Houston and Galveston, Texas are the prime targets for Hurricane Ike. Hurricane warnings extend from Baffin Bay, TX to Morgan City, LA. A huge evacuation of Galveston has either taken place or is in the final stages. Landfall is expected late Friday night. Hurricanes at night are a nightmare that cannot be described. So, I won’t even try. I know the fear, confusion, dread and helplessness all these people feel right now. Having been in so many hurricanes, I can sympathize greatly with their plight today. You feel as if someone is after you…and he’s not going to stop at anything to find you. It’s a surreal feeling when you are in a hurricane warning area. You think, “This can’t be happening to me…and why???” You wonder if you have prepared sufficiently. You always think maybe I should have gotten more bottled water or more charcoal for the grill…or more SOMETHING. In the end, you discover it’s almost impossible to completely prepare for a hurricane. You just do your best and pray it’s not as bad as you think.

There are feelings of relief in MS, AL and FL today. But, we temper that relief with the knowledge of what our fellow Americans are going through in Texas and Louisiana. None of us like what is happening in TX and LA today. We know for a fact it could be us preparing for Hurricane Ike. We also know the next hurricane in the gulf could be coming for us. God Bless all those people in harm’s way today and this weekend.

And to the insurance companies in Texas and Louisiana; if you have a shred of moral decency left in you, you will not compound the problems of these people in the hurricane’s aftermath. For once, think about the needs of your clients rather than the stockholders. Be a “good neighbor,” and let them know they truly are “…in good hands.” It’s too late to convince the victims of Hurricane Katrina what you people are all about. But, you have another chance with Hurricane Ike. Seize this moment.


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