A Clear Bias

The announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s VP nominee was a bit shocking to me in one respect. I realize he needed to do something to shake up his lackadaisical campaign. But, I had no idea he would choose someone practically unknown as Mrs. Palin. Yes, she is the governor of Alaska. But, the idea of choosing your VP is someone who can deliver you votes in key swing states such as Ohio or Florida. Initially, I saw it as a gamble. However, it was a gamble the Republicans had to make. McCain’s campaign was going nowhere. The revelations of her pregnant 17 year old daughter made one think McCain’s campaign team did not do their homework. I suspected the Democrats would use this against both Palin and McCain. I was right.

What I did not expect (but certainly should have), was the news media going all out in attack mode on Governor Palin and her family. They are even now trying to dig up more dirt on Governor Palin by hinting she had an affair prior to becoming governor. Now, I know politics is a dirty business. That’s a given. If you can’t take the arrows directed your way, then you need to get into another line of business. But, what had always been an unwritten rule was families of politicians were off limits. Not so with Palin and her family. There were some media pundits asking how could Governor Palin be both mother to her five children and Vice-President of the United States!!! Excuse me, but why hasn’t this same damn question ever been asked of men running for President??? Then there are questions that she isn’t qualified since her experience is limited to being mayor of a small town and governor of Alaska for only two years. It is the height of hypocrisy the news media would raise this question when they have someone like a first term senator as the Democrat nominee whose main accomplishment is that he can give a great speech. To both the elite news media and the Obama Campaign; Pot. Kettle. Black.

Governor Palin’s speech last night should erase any doubts she, at least, has both the intelligence and backbone to hold this nations’ second highest office. That puts her, at least, on par with Obama. In fact, she is the ONLY person who has executive experience between McCain, Obama and Biden! There is a clear bias against her because she is a woman. One would wonder why isn’t the news media making note of this. The reason, of course, is because the news media is biased against her also. They see her as a threat to their golden boy, Obama. I am neither Democrat or Republican. But, I know sexism and a clear bias when I see one. NBC especially should be ashamed of themselves as a “leading news organization.” They are supposed to remain neutral. They have been anything BUT neutral during this presidential campaign.

ADDENDUM: Today is my birthday. I am 57 years old...and counting. Didn't want to make a separate entry just for that announcement. Thanks for all the people who have been...reading this blog and contributing "financially." I don't think I have to explain. :)


Hi David really good and insightful post. Here in South Africa we kinda follow the USA election 'circus' from afar but lately I'm getting a much more 'insider' feel by reading blogs by the people who are truly affected by the election. I also bear in mind the saying,"When America sneezes the world catches a cold!"

Glad to have you on my blog!!! You are the first to make a comment on my birthday, September 6th, BTW!

Yes, you hit the nail on the head; American politics is a circus. This year we have two headmasters leading their respective parties. I have no use for either. However, while I don't agree with everything Governor Palin supports, I do give her credit for having pluck, grit and determination. I like someone who stands up for what that in which they so devotedly believe. Thanks for the comment. Come back anytime.


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