Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay. We may or may not get hit by Tropical Storm Fay. Current forecasts call for it to drift up the western coastline of Florida before crossing over the panhandle into Georgia. Right now, we are praying Tropical Storm Fay doesn’t become Hurricane Fay. I’m sure the people in Florida are praying for this also. What we fear is if the storm stalls in the gulf. That would be something we do not want to see. It would gather strength in the warm gulf and, as those that followed the hurricane season in 2005 will attest, quickly grow into a powerful hurricane.

Olympics. I can’t remember the last Summer Olympics where two nations were so neck and neck at the medal count. China has made significant inroads in becoming a viable player in the Summer Olympics. I had no idea they were so strong in track and field events. Traditionally, that is where the USA has left most other nations in the dust. I’m starting to watch it a
bit more. I said last week I had no interest in this Olympics at all. But, it seems that is all everyone is talking about these days. Michael Phelps is perhaps the greatest swimmer of all time. But, I remember when people said the same thing about Mark Spitz. Also, does anyone really believe those Chinese gymnasts are really 16 years of age???

Russia-Georgia Conflict. It is past time for Russia to get out of Georgia. They have humbled Georgia’s small army. They have devastated villages, killed hundreds of people. This is the real Russia. The Soviet Union didn’t die. They just hibernated for a while. The paranoia that was the root of the Soviet’s military exclusions is now deeply entrenched in the Russian psyche. Everyone is out to get them. I think all former Soviet satellite states must be feeling uneasy with the Russian Bear again on the prowl. This could become a worldwide conflict before we know it. You might want to keep an eye on this conflict. I don’t see the Russians leaving Georgia any time soon.

Finally, I had to go visit my Aunt Sue last Saturday. I mentioned last Tuesday that she had to be placed in a medical facility strictly for Alzheimer’s patients. We arrived shortly before dinner time. We went to her room and Aunt Sue wasn’t there. Her daughters started to panic, and then panic became anger. A nurse found her in a foyer looking out of one of the windows at the passing traffic. She had passed this same facility many times as she drove to work as a young woman. The irony of that struck me as we walked to her. She looked up at all of us apparent confusion…and there were tears in her eyes. We all just stood there with her as she continued to look out the window as a steady rain fell. Words can’t express the grief we all shared as we all joined her in silence. It’s times like this I thank God for taking my mother so quickly when she died. Mama died just seven weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. Alzheimer’s is a slow, painful agony for one and all in the family. And the pain has just begun.


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