Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – August 12, 2008

Olympics. I can remember a time when I got excited about the Summer Olympics. It was a time when the participants were actually amateurs or as close as they could classified in that category anyway. Watching NBA players decimate China just isn’t as much fun as it was when the kids were college all-stars. But, it appears the rest of the world was putting their highly paid “amateurs” in the games. So, it was only a matter of time before we did. I must say that 4x100 relay race that Jason Lezak came from behind to win was extremely exciting. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a sports moment as much as I did that.

Staph infection
. In 2001, my sister was involved in a terrible car accident. Recovering from that was bad enough. But, what has really hurt her is contracting a staph infection while she was in the hospital. The staph infection has settled in her nasal cavity. All attempts to eradicate it by local doctors has failed. We now must drive to Birmingham, AL today to meet with one of the top Otolaryngologists in the nation. Hopefully, he can do something. This staph infection has resisted all antibiotics thus far.

I have to admit, even though I am far from being a fan of John McCain, that ad painting Senator Obama as the world’s biggest celebrity was funny. The colloquialism of Charlton Heston, as Moses, parting the Red Sea was a not so subtle jab at Obama’s Messianic aura as well. I wish there was a way both of them could lose.

Finally, it was with great sadness I learned Monday night that my beloved Aunt Sue will be placed in a medical facility strictly for Alzheimer’s patients. Her daughters fought doing this for as long as they could. They finally could do nothing else with her. Aunt Sue had begun to fight with them. It’s heartbreaking to learn of this. She was/is a wonderful woman. As I said in my blog entry “The Long Goodbye,” she was my mother’s favorite sister. I had made it a point, for that reason alone, to go see my Aunt Sue until about three weeks ago when my presence became unbearable for my Aunt. Alzheimer’s had affected her to the point where she no longer recognized me. It was causing her great confusion. It’s like losing Mama all over again. God Bless her.


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