One of the More Bizarre Homicides

Last week, 37 year old Anthony Hopkins of Mobile, AL, was charged with rape, sodomy, incest and murder. That would make headlines in any city, especially a relatively small city like Mobile, AL. But, that was not the end of his heinous crimes. His wife, who had been missing for nearly four years, was found in the home freezer by Mobile police. Arletha Hopkins was found in the freezer by police after being tipped off by Anthony Hopkins oldest daughter, whom he is alleged to have raped repeatedly for years. Arletha Hopkins reportedly had caught her husband molesting the daughter and was going to report him to police. She never got the chance to do so. No autopsy could begin until this past Monday due to forensic specialists giving the body time to thaw before they could begin their gruesome task.

One more thing and I’ll let this grotesque story end…when Anthony Hopkins was apprehended by police, he was caught in Jackson, AL, about two hours north of Mobile. He was at a church revival. And he was among several evangelists preaching to the congregation that night. Bail has been set at $790,000. Something tells me he won’t be able to make bail. And, yes, I’m aware of the actor of the same name and the infamous movie he starred in many years ago.

I’ll update this gruesome story as it unfolds in the coming weeks.


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