Mother of the Year (or should be)

How often do we hear of the horror stories of parents abusing their children? How many times have we read in the newspaper how an infant was beaten by drug-addicted parents because it “wouldn’t stop crying.” That happened in my town about two years ago. A heroin addict beat his three-month old son to death because he wouldn’t stop crying. This “father” had to be moved to a jail in another city for his own personal safety. People wanted vigilante justice. Honestly, in a case like that, how can you blame them?

Sometimes an animal can be more humane than we humans. Take the case of the newborn infant in Argentina where the 14-year old mother (a child in her own right I should note) left it in an open field. A dog named La China, which had six puppies of her own, pulled the infant 50-55 yards to the warmth of her own puppies. If not for this simple, “humane” act, this baby would have died in the frigid temperatures of the night in Argentina. Obviously, La China cuddled up with the newborn and her puppies the entire night. The dog is a hero or heroine, whichever you prefer.

Some will say it was the dog’s mothering instinct that caused it to drag the newborn infant those 50 yards or so. Maybe that is the case. Or maybe La China couldn’t understand why a human would do something so “inhumane.” I don’t know if dogs have a soul. To quote Barrack Obama, “That’s above my pay grade.” But, maybe a reservation has been made in heaven for this simple little dog named La China.

Shutdown the balloting for Mother of the Year. We have the winner in Argentina; La China is Mother of the Year.


What a wonderful dog story! Isn't that something!

It's a great story in the way that this dog saved the baby's life. yet, will never know just what a great deed it did. Innocence personified! Thanks for the comment.

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