The Mother of All Root Canals

Yes. Oh yes. I had a root canal about two weeks ago. I was due to go back yesterday for the second treatment, which I did. Last Thursday, about lunch time, I noticed my tooth that had the root canal was becoming very sensitive to the cold soft drink I was drinking. Before I finished lunch, I was in sheer agony. Last Thursday night was hell on earth, even taking lortab, which were of no help to me. I called my dentist early Friday morning and asked if they could work me in as I needed someone to see me before next Tuesday (yesterday). My dentist was off last Friday. It seems whenever I have a dental problem, it is near or during the weekend. It never, ever fails. Anyway, the dentist on duty gave me some more lortab (sigh) and said that the swelling has to come down before they can open it back up. That's easy for him to say since he isn't facing a weekend of pain.

Yesterday, the dentist had to work a trench to relieve the infection. It was sheer hell. I have had root canals before. I have had toothaches before. But, nothing like I experienced over the weekend and endured yesterday. I have taken so many antibiotics, pain killers until I was in terrible nausea. It was difficult to even eat over the weekend due to the pain I was experiencing. I am now at the point that if I ever have another infected tooth, I’ll just have it pulled. I have always considered myself someone who has a high tolerance for pain. But, not when it comes to toothaches. You feel like you are the only person in the world that is in pain. That was terrible. It’s not something I want to go through again anytime soon.


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