A Little Crowing Now…

Google. Page rank. Nirvana. I finally got recognized with a PR3 ranking. I was doing a little “tuning up” (deleting some junk I didn’t need, etc.) on the blog last Thursday and happened to look up at the top of Firefox and noticed my Alexa ranking. It has steadily lowered over the weeks since I placed the icon on this blog (lower left column). I have also noticed a steady increase in visitors. A substantial increase, in fact. Subscribers to my RSS feed hover between 30-40 a day. I guess it depends on the mood of folks.

But, the one thing that has always frustrated me was the Google ranking…”unranked.” At first, I was puzzled by it. I really didn’t know what it meant. Then despite doing everything I could think of, I still was faced with that blaring neon-like “unranked.” I finally just gave up on it. Who needs that stupid Google rank anyway? I’ll just stick to Alexa! Hey, they know a good thing when they see it!!! Anyway, after I finished with my work, I saved it and looked up again at the top of Firefox and noticed a subtle difference. Instead of the PR “unranked,” I noticed a slight green bar from the left of the Google ranking. Stunned, I rolled my mouse over the Google status bar and got a “PR3” instead of the nauseating “unranked” notice with which I have become so accustomed. It was like fireworks on the 4th of July! I’M SOMEBODY!!! LOL!

Seriously, I think people put too much weight on the Google Page Rank. I visit a lot of popular sites with maybe a million hits a day or more. They have no PR from Google. I’m not sure how Google determines PR. All I know is that I have it now for whatever reason. But, this could never have been accomplished without the faithful readers I have coming to this site each day. A sincere THANK YOU to each and every one of you.

Now, I think I need to go do some more “tuning up” on this blog...


I like your blog David. Maybe it's because we are the same age and have the same first name. But I like to think I am not quite that shallow. And I enjoyed this post about PR. I had an adventure with Goog this summer and am happy to say all is well now. One of the things you can do is link to other blogs based on relevancy and quality. If you would like to exchange links with Virginia Breeze a PR 4 blog it could do you some good although it is hard to measure. I would just like to have you close by so I will come here more and read your interesting posts!

David Lind, I have been wanting to exchange links with you for a long time so we can keep track of each other. I am going to your blog now with some news I want to share with you.

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