Gustav: Update #4 - Mobile, AL

As I suspected would happen, Gustav has taken a slight easterly track. This means Mobile will get, at the very least, strong tropical force winds (39-73MPH) and possibly minimal hurricane force winds. Katrina sent tropical force winds at 60-65MPH at a steady rate with gust up to 83MPH. It caused significant damage in Mobile. We are now under a hurricane warning. I suspect my updates will come to an end late this afternoon or early tomorrow morning. Alabama Power, as a rule, will shut off all power just prior to landfall of a hurricane. This is to prevent massive grid damage from exploding transformers.

Gas shortages are all over town. People are loading up on non-perishable goods and batteries are scarce. Will continue to update as long as possible. I'm having doubts about staying. But, due to gridlock on I-10 and I-65, leaving is almost not an option now.


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