Gustav: Update #3 - Mobile, AL

Hurricane Gustav is now a very dangerous storm. It is a Cat IV hurricane with the potential for Cat V. The projected path still appears to be central-SW Louisiana. The one thing I have learned over the years is to expect the unexpected when it comes to a hurricane. No one really knows where it is going to go. That is why I am still apprehensive. If New Orleans gets the east side of this storm, it would completely wipe it out. The damage would far surpass what they endured with Katrina. I got a call from an old friend in Baton Rouge. He said that right after the LSU-Appalachian St. football game, people started heading north and east to escape the storm's wrath.

Here in Mobile, people seem to be falling into a false sense of security with the possibility Mobile will get nothing more than some winds in the 25-40MPH range at most. Forecast call for about 4-6 inches of rain we really don't need. Gas was available this morning at most gas stations. However, some stations are closed because of the traditional panic of Mobile residents when a hurricane heads up this way. Lowe's and Home Depot seems to be getting their normal weekend business. Wal-Mart is packed as usual. The sense is that we have dodged a bullet here in this city. I still think that is a mistake


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