Gustav: Update #1 - Mobile, AL

If you have been keeping up with Tropical Storm (as I type this…it should be at hurricane force when I post this Friday morning) Gustav, it is thought to be headed to the central gulf coast. This means my hometown of Mobile, AL is in the eye of the storm. Right now, Gustav could hit from Galveston, TX to Apalachicola, FL. Right now, I am preparing for the worst possible scenario. As an aside note; today marks the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

One of the things that disgust me is the absolute irrational panic of some people here in Mobile. The storm is not even close to the Gulf of Mexico and people are already hoarding gas. Regular grade, mid-grade shortages are being reported all across the city. This happens every time a tropical storm breathes in our direction. There simply is no reason to panic. Fights have already been reported at gas stations…and this storm is STILL, at least, four days away! Ok, Katrina scared the hell out of everybody here. I understand that. But, this is the sort of thing I saw in people immediately after Katrina. I saw a very an ugly side of the human race those days following the “Storm of the Century.” It’s not something I want to see again. In those days following Katrina, I didn’t step outside without my .12 gauge shotgun. I’m ashamed to say that. But, the police couldn’t be everywhere during those hostile days after Katrina.

Strangely, there weren’t that many people at Lowe’s and Home Depot yesterday. I went in each store for sales on batteries. There was just the normal weekday crowd. That is extremely surprising given the panic at gas stations. Now, compare that to when I went to PetSmart. It was wall to wall people! Lines were from the cashiers to the back of the store. It was like this at Pet’s R’ Us also. It was simply amazing. I guess people have their “priorities” in order after all.

More updates of what is going on here as I feel the need. I don’t normally post on the weekends any longer. But, I probably will this weekend just to report what is going on in Mobile as we prepare for the potential arrival of a “Hurricane Gustav.”


That is pretty bad. Get a grip people! I guess this is why we got ten inches of rain yesterday in Richmond VA?

I haven't looked at the weather. You can be my weatherman.

David it happens like this every hurricane season. There are many essentials for hurricane preparedness. But, it seems folks just put it off and then go off the charts the closer the hurricane comes. I still think we are going to get substantial wind from this storm. I know what the projected models are saying. Call it a hunch.

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