GPS: My First Experience

I finally broke down and bought a voice-driven GPS device for my car about a month ago. I have not really used it since I bought it. Like my first experience with computers, it scared me. Now, I do computer maintenance as a sideline in my retirement age. Go figure. Anyway, I put it in my car, turned it on so it could locate satellites and I put in my home information. This was all done early Tuesday morning for a reason.

I was traveling to Birmingham, AL, a four hour trip, to take my sister to a Otolaryngologist in that city. As stated in my “Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts” below this post, she has a staph infection that settled in her nasal cavity that has proven resistant to all drugs and treatment. This guy is supposed to be one of the best in the nation. But, being a country boy, I have this innate fear of large cities. I’m not sure most would qualify Birmingham as a large city. But, it’s big enough. I set the address in the GPS and off we went.

Long story short; it was a good thing we had this GPS. I wasn’t sure of its capabilities enough to really rely on it at first. But, since it had me taking lefts and rights and go down Turmin St. 4.4 miles etc., I decided to put my trust in the thing. I don’t like maps, since they always seem to leave something out for me. I admit, I have a lousy sense of direction. And maps seem to make me even more confused unless they are in great detail. But, the GPS had me make turns down to feet…”turn left in 500 ft….turn left in 200 ft.” There was no guesswork with this thing. I am sold on it! I know I have heard the horror stories where people relied on them too much. I know a guy that was going to a computer seminar in Las Vegas and wound up at an open field. But, I like to think that is the exception and not the rule. I have to drive to Carrollton, MO in November to fulfill a promise I made to someone. I will leave the “driving” to this Garmin GPS device in November.


I have been considering buying a GPS for my boyfriend, because we end up arguing everytime we're driving to an unfamiliar place, and after reading this post, I am now going straight to the store to get him one.
thanks =)

bratarmy29, I am so very pleased with my GPS. I didn't even take it out of the box (after buying it over a month ago), until my sister and I went on that trip. Buy it for him, you'll be glad you did! Thanks for the comment and come back sometime.

My husband got me one for Christmas because neither of us are good at directions either. I need things spelled out and a map often isn't detailed enough or is out of date. I love my GPS. Even if I do miss the turn for some reason, it recalculates the route from where I am and gets me back on track without wasting 20-30 minutes before I realize I missed the turn. It's great!

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