A Couple of Concerns

Apparently, sometime Tuesday night, someone tried to break into my shed. The Master lock did the trick because they couldn’t break the padlock to pry open the door. I think I paid about three bucks for that thing. It was well worth more than that. There really isn’t much of anything in that shed that is of value. The lawnmower is about two years old. But, I can’t imagine someone wanting to try and sell it. How much could you get for something that cost only $100? People just want to steal to be stealing, I think. What bothers me as much, if not more, is that I didn’t hear anything Tuesday night. The shed is only about fifty feet from my bedroom. I’ve always been a light sleeper. However, I didn’t hear anything. But, that doesn’t excuse Ralph, my four month old Beagle. He usually will bark if the wind blows too hard outside. Doing this at 3AM is a bit disconcerting. Regardless, I’ve placed another steel strap on the door with another Master lock padlock.

As many of you know, TS Gustav is thought to be on a path to the gulf coast. It is still far too early to tell where this thing is headed. Most projections right now have it headed for the central gulf coast. That means Mobile, AL has a bull’s-eye target on its back. If it tracks to New Orleans (God forbid…you really got to feel for those people), that means we get the east side of the wind, the worst possible scenario for Mobile. Ralph and I are going to ride out the storm here at home. It’s possible it will be a Cat 4 hurricane with 145MPH winds. I’m not a hero. But, I just have learned my lesson about running from hurricanes (long story). I will report on what is happening here in my city as we prepare for a possible arrival of a “Hurricane Gustav.” I will give updates on this blog as to what it is like to be in a hurricane for as long as Alabama Power keeps me online. Usually, the power company will turn off the power city-wide prior to the arrival of a hurricane to prevent transformers from blowing up due to high winds. Hopefully, this thing will die out or just not be as powerful as we fear. But, with all hurricanes, you have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Some prayers would be appreciated also.


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