Bizarre Homicide: Update**

**WARNING** The content below may be offensive to some readers. Readers be advised.

As reported on this blog last week, Anthony Hopkins was arrested in Mobile, AL for rape, sodomy, incest and murder. As if that were not enough, his wife, who has been missing for almost four years, was found in the home freezer. Newspaper report from yesterday stated he had buried his wife in a shallow grave before digging her back up and putting her in the freezer. Arletha Hopkins was allegedly killed by her husband, Anthony Hopkins, because she had caught him molesting their oldest daughter. Arletha was going to report her husband to police when she was killed.

The oldest daughter, who tipped off police to the body, is also said, by authorities, to be 5 months pregnant by her father. Hopkins allegedly raped his oldest daughter repeatedly for the past 8 years. Anthony Hopkins used the story of Lot from Genesis in the Bible as the excuse to have sex with his daughter.

I will update this story when I feel it is warranted. It is disgusting, I know. But, this story was reported nationwide and was discussed just recently on the CNN nightly news show, “Nancy Grace.”


It is amazing the things people will do and then justify it with something from the Bible. I hope that the courts show as much mercy on him as he has his family.

delaney, it seems to be a common theme amongst these type of vermin to quote to bible to justify their evil deeds. I can assure you, Hopkins will get a fair trial. But, having said that, the evidence of his guilt on all charges is overwhelming. Thanks for stopping by.

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