Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – July 29, 2008

Has July zoomed by in record time or is it just me? Admittedly, I have been busy this month with surgery, recovery and so forth. I just find it hard to believe we are in the last week of this month! I have noticed, once I reached 30, the weeks, months and years seemed to go by a lot quicker.

My yard is in desperate need of mowing. The guy I hired back in May is not answering his phone. I had a good deal with him. He cut my entire yard, trimmed, hedged…the works for $45.00. I’m not going to find a deal like that. Of course, there is no way in hell I could get out there and do it. I’d be back in the hospital if I did or attempted to. That’s not going to happen. I suppose I’ll have to hire one of these kids around the neighborhood and watch them half-ass mow my lawn. I hope I can contact this guy soon. I swear I thought something moving through the tall grass in the back yard. I don’t want to say what I think it was.

So, Obama decided to do a little more touring than visit our injured/wounded troops in Germany, huh? And, to top it off, he’s blaming the Pentagon for not allowing him to visit the troops now. He really is adept at changing his story to suit his circumstances. And all this time I thought he was a “different politician.” Gosh, he’s going to make a great president. I still predict he will easily beat John McAmnesty. But, I will also go on record as saying Obama will be a one term president for the same reasons that Jimmy Carter was a one-termer. I am looking forward to some details to how he’s going to pay for some of the policies he wants to initiate as the campaign progresses through the summer. He’s going to increase taxes in the manner that would even give Hillary Clinton reason to pause. If he goes on a money spending spree, he will hurt the Democrats chances of maintaing control of the House and Senate once he is in the Oval Office. Actually, if you look at it, Obama in the White House is probably the best thing that could happen to the Republican Party. They will finally get rid of all the dead wood they have had at the top for so long, including John McAmnesty.

Finally, I started getting some of the bills during my hospital stay last Saturday. $32,500 for my surgery and for four days in the hospital. Not much I can add to that figure. I saw where I paid for my anesthesiologist to come into my room Friday morning (day after surgery) for approximately two minutes. It cost my insurance $285.00. That is just sick. I don’t know why he even came in to see me anyway. All he did was crack a few jokes with the young nurses in there (that was my job!). My surgeon came in twice a day at $325.00 a visit. You do the math. I am steadfastly against universal health care. I don’t like the idea of a panel deciding whether I needed surgery or whether it was justifiable at my age. The USA is not a socialist country…yet. At the same time, what I listed above is just out of control. Something needs to be done about out of control health costs. I’m just not smart enough to begin to even fathom what can be done.


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