Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – July 08, 2008

Surgery. That is what is on my mind and about the only thing on my mind. My back surgery is set for 8AM, Thursday, July 10. Of course, it was set for about the same time 13 years ago. I didn’t actually go into surgery until about 2PM that afternoon. I was so drugged out on Demerol, I didn’t care. Demerol is some kind of powerful drug. I lost my nervousness real quick when they started putting that stuff into my IV. I’m just hoping things turn out better for me this time. I’m tired of being in pain all the time.

Speaking of surgery…I am worried about my little beagle, Ralph. He has never had anyone else feed him but me. I have this nightmare scenario that Ralph will starve because it’s not me that is putting the dry Alpo in his food bowl for him. I can remember my father saying that a hound dog will eat when he gets hungry enough. That is what I’m hoping for with Ralph. My sister has promised to take care of him at her home for the duration of my hospital stay and convalescence at home. He’s not used to any place but this home. I can’t help but worry about my little buddy.

You really can find out who your friends are in times like this. I have asked several “friends” to come up there Thursday during my surgery. Only one has definitely said he would be there. Strange thing about it, he and I have not seen eye to eye on a few things lately. I thought sure he would say he was going to be too busy.

I was at the supermarket getting some extra dog food for Ralph yesterday when I ran into a former co-worker of mine. I was telling him my woes and about my upcoming surgery on Thursday. He told me that he had a colonoscopy two weeks ago and they found three polyps, one was cancerous. He said they felt they had caught it in time. But, he is starting chemo and radiation therapy. Hearing something like this makes you realize there is always someone, somewhere who has it worse than you do in life.

Finally, Monday morning I had to go for one final appointment with my primary care physician. He told me I was in good shape and should not have any problems with this surgery. My doctor and I have always had a mostly professional relationship over the course of the past 19 years since my first appointment with him. I can only remember having two conversations with him that weren’t directly related to my health. But, as I turned to leave the room, the doctor patted me on the shoulder and said, “Not that I think you’ll need it, but you’ll be in my prayers. I’ll be there Thursday night to check in on you.” That really stunned me hearing that from him. I had lost a lot of respect for the medical profession during my mother’s bout with cancer. I won’t go into why I have felt that way. But, it’s doctors like my primary care physician that make me believe there are medical professionals who truly care about you. I left his office feeling a lot better about things.


Feel better about your back and dog. Hopefully everything turns out okay.

Thanks John. I appreciate your comment. Hopefully, things will be ok.

I remember when my wife was in the hospital. They were trying to discover what her problem was (it turned out to be Multiple Sclerosis) and her pcp was walking down the corridor and happened to see her lying in the bed. He stuck his head in the door and asked "How's it going?". I told him they were still testing. He said "Good Luck!" and then went on his way. Three days later we got a bill from him for $150. The reason? "Hospital visit".

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