Things That Frustrate Me

Inconsiderate drivers. How many times have you gotten behind someone who, all of a sudden hits their brakes to make a right turn? They seem to forget there is this new thing out called “turn signals.” Honestly, how much effort does it take to hit the turn signal on your car? I almost went up the tailpipe of a Chevy Malibu Tuesday morning. With me still recovering from back surgery, it would have meant a return visit to the hospital. Then there are people who get on a two lane road and act like the road was built specifically for them. I’m not just talking about little old lady in a huge Cadillac. I’m talking specifically about people talking on the cell phone and trying to drive at the same time. It’s past time for this to become illegal. A lot of people driving and talking on the cell, at the same time, drive like they are drunk.

Doctors and their staff. I’ve been down this road before about how I hate waiting at a doctor’s office. I always will hate that. But, trying to get a doctor’s staff to do something is like trying to get Democrats to take a “no tax increase” pledge. I always need something from my doctors of late due to insurance concerns. When I was working, I made an appointment with my doctor so I could get him to do my paperwork so I could return to work. His staff was not amused and neither was the doctor. I didn’t care.

Any city government office. It seems whenever I need something from city government, be it a new car tag, property taxes information, voting registration, I never have the right documents or don’t have enough documentation. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to get a tag for your new car, only to find out the city won’t issue the tag because the dealer put the “incorrect code” on the car title. Try waiting three hours to find that out sometime.

Pings and dings in your car or truck
. I’ve got a new ping in my Honda Civic. The last one was just two months ago. It’s still under warranty. It’s about to go out of warranty also. And that brings up something else…it never fails that something will go wrong with your car once it is out of warranty. I had a ’88 Pontiac GrandAm that went out of warranty and within two weeks, the automatic transmission went down for the count of ten. Cost me over $600.00. And that seems to always happen to me with my vehicles.

Cops. Well, I’ve already been through this also. They always are around when you don’t need them. And are nowhere to be found when you DO need them. In my case, they were around when I didn’t need them and it cost me a $125.00 speeding ticket.

And so it goes…


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