Sign of the Times

I read with disbelief an article in the Cape Cod Times (Falmouth, MA) about a 14 year old boy pushing a 71 year old man off a pier because he “thought it would be funny.” The elderly man was fishing with his grandson when this 14 year old punk decided to show what a cool kid he was by doing this despicable act. The elderly gentleman suffered lacerations to his knees as a result of the fall. I guess the 71 year old man could be thankful he wasn’t waiting on a subway train. I imagine this kind of mindset would think it funny to see him pushed in front of a train. This 14 year old punk’s parents must really be proud of their little tyke today. I do know if that was grandfather, I’d be looking for him after he got out of detention. I suspect that will happen in this case as I’m sure the grandson was outraged. I seriously doubt this is the first time this kid has acted so outlandishly. An act such as this is an indication of a sick and twisted mindset. But, these are the times in which we now live. People will kill you over a piece of rock candy at Mardi Gras or come out shooting out of their car because you cut them off on the highway.

I’m not interested in how he was brought up or how his parents neglected him. He needs to be taken out of society right now. Chances are he’ll be on the streets again in less than a month. That 71 year old man could have easily been seriously injured…or worse. Oh, and his one phone call he was allowed by law? He called a buddy and bragged about it to him. No call to parents at all. You think he’s going to do something like this again once he gets out? You bet he will.


My Dad is in his early eighties and he lives on Cape Cod. I better not hear about anybody pushing him off of anything...

crazy the youth is a lot less respectful these days, im in my twenties and i see it in my friends and my younger brothers friends. Doesn't even compare to my oldest brothers friends manners. Its only a decade span but I've noticed. I think it has to do with the break down of the extended family. No longer are we large families with more than just parents or a parent around for guidance and social interacting but now we are lucky to have a functiong single cell group. Its more common now to have a disfunctional family than a traditionally functioning family and that is whats wrong with america in a nutshell as it affects all aspects of our lifes.

Good luck on your surgery, this month is 13 years for me 2, cept my surgery was reconstructive chest surgery. My dad is looking into the back surgery. I hope yours is more succesful this time.

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davidlind, I don't blame you one bit. They would have to hold me back, 14 years old or not. It is, indeed, a sign of the times. Whatever happened to compassion?

peanutbuttertoes (you gotta tell me how you came up with that name!), I don't want to stereotype an entire generation. But, it seems there is less respect for people today amongst the young. You gave a very good summary. Not much I can add. Yes, I think a link exchange would be good. I always am ready for constructive criticism and pointers for this site. Thanks for the comment.

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