A Couple of Things

Today marks the three month anniversary of this blog. That is significant because three months seems to be the magic number for some odd reason. Blog Review, Pay Per Post, Blogvertise and others demand you have your blog up for at least three months. Odd thing now, I am no longer interested in getting involved in these pay per post type thingies. It seems fifty million people are bidding on three dollar reviews and for what? I just don’t get it. I may get involved, eventually. But, right now, I think it’s a waste of time. I had high hopes about Sponsored Reviews, but they rejected my blog for some reason. Anyway, the main thing, David’s Musings is three months old today and closing on my 100th post on Sunday. After that, I doubt I will post every day. Just Monday through Friday….maybe. I have been known to change my mind. Just ask my X.

I got a call from my orthopedic surgeon yesterday…on a holiday! I was shocked. He said he was just checking in on me, making sure I was prepared mentally and physically for the surgery I have scheduled for July 10th. I am hoping it was just my imagination. But, he seemed excited about it. Maybe he needs the money for a new Porsche. No, that isn’t nice. But, it seemed unusual for a doctor to call me on a holiday. I am scared. I fully admit it. I’ve been through this before. But, it has been 13 years and I don’t remember much about the first surgery except the pain. It seems, at times like this, is when I miss my mother the most. I knew I could always count on her to be there for me during times like this. She was more worried about my surgery back in 1995 than I was as I recall. But, she is gone now. I have to deal with this by myself, basically. Oh, I’ll have my sister, nephew and niece there. But, it’s just not the same without Mama there. I knew with her there, somehow, things would be alright. I love you, Mama. I just felt like saying that. Yes, I’ve had a little wine tonight. I need it.


I understand how you feel, there is nothing like the “mother at home feeling” to make things easier for us. And i also understand because i had a mayor surgery back in 2003. I wish you all success and prompt recovery. I will be offering prayers for you.

Conchita, I sincerely appreciate your kind remarks. And I fully thank you for your prayers.

Some times things are inexplicable, for me especially. I've been blogging for quite sometime, and I reached the point where I thought to quit because I believed that it was a big waste of my time, but here I'm. Still, knocking my head at the wall while I'm trying to give an answer to a my own question: Why, in the first place I started blogging?

Not for a lucrative purpose, that's for sure. Never been stuck in my mind any ideas of making money while blogging, particularly because my English really sucks, I'm really aware of that. I could have made an Italian blog, much easier for me. I thought that challenges never had stopped me before, and blogging in English was one I could easily achieve. Wrong, that was a big mistake. I still struggling to give a real meaning to the thoughts coming out of my mind, in a language I hardly master.

All the above is to say, I'm sorry that most of the times my diction is confusing, or unintelligible. But altogether, I decided to keep blogging in an alien language, for me full of pitfalls. What I can do? Nothing! For me, it's like enjoying the frustrations and failures of articulated posts. In truth, I got hooked to blog in English. So that, I will be blogging in faulty posts using as a tool a second language, such as English.

Once again, I'm very sorry, but that's who I am. Never to give up, even in the face of hardships. Anyway, I want to thank you, for have commented in one of my blog's posts, that really made me feel good. I see you have a great blog and I must admit I envy your writing skills, something that unfortunately I lack.

I wish you David, all the best and a prompt recovery from your coming surgery.

Tanks once again.


I think you are too hard on yourself. Your english is extremely good since it is a second language for you.

A lot of people make the mistake of blogging with the idea that people will rush to read what they have to say. A lot of people got into blogging because they thought they could make money off of it. That is rare. I get a lot of visitors every day. Yet, my click rate is very, very poor. I have tried just about all the advertisers I'm going to. Bidvertiser (up above) is probably the last one I'm putting on this blog. Clicks are poor with them also. But, I enjoy blogging and although I get blog block sometimes, once I start typing it just flows from my mind to my fingers. I can't explain it. But, that is what happens.

Don't give up. If it is something you enjoy, then keep doing it. Thanks for your kind words about my blog. No need to envy me. I'm just and old guy who thinks he is a writer. :) I hope you come back. Thanks for the comment also.

That was fast.

Thank you, for letting me comment in your blog and, for the kind words. Having a conversation inside the commentary blog's section in real time, that's real fun.

And yes, I will not give it up. Now off I go, I got a few hours left to post a my new article before I get back to my real job.


First of all, congratz on reaching your three month anniversary and for blogging so consistently during the three months... u did say you blogged every day but may be cutting down to weekdays...

Secondly, my prayers are with you now, during your operation and as you recover.

Please know that your mother is with you still and that she will certainly be with you, holding your hand etherically, as they operate.
Last time she couldn't be there in the operation room but this time she will be.

Red, you blog because you simply have to. Blogging is a way to express yourself, to put yourself out there for the world, to bless the world with the gift of you.

That's why you haven't stopped even though you make no money from it. Nor when the frustration of blogging in your second language is hard.

You have much to share and you blog to share it with Life, even if not many human representatatives of Life show up! ;-)

Enjoy and fully express yourself.
I feel blogging is firstly a conversation with self. So enjoy that very important communication with you and others will stop by to enjoy it with you when they do... It's truly not about them....

Blessings again and let your doctor know that you're choosing to not experience pain like the last time, David.

Also see yourself having a wonderful, magically interactive time while you're in the hospital. I'm sure you'll be a blessing to many whilst you're there...

Angela, thanks for those very kind words. I will definitely thinking of my mother that day. You're right, she'll be right at my side and I won't even know it.

Sorry Angela to thank you this late, for your kind words, but right now I'm trying to juggle my life with the everyday businesses, and it's very hard. And moreover, adding to the my daily routines the blogging part, in the end I came to realize that the all situation has become very hard to manage, let alone trying to maintain a blogging/community's relationship.

Now, I understand that the entire task is almost impossible to accomplish in its totality, for sure I can't reduce, or modify any part of my daily duties such as family, or work. Therefore, I'm left with a conclusion of very few choices: give up my blogging activity, or reduce it to the minimum.

I have chosen to reduce my blogging activity, hence my blogging/community relationship. Unfortunately, that's was my final conclusion and it was motivated after a family crisis. That's why, you wouldn't see me as often I would like in forums, or in any other fellow's blog.

I have always wondered, how other guys/girls from the blogging community find the time to accomplish all that, they must be real heroes, and because of their perseverance and all the hard work put into it, I really envy them.

I wish you all, the very best from my heart.

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