The Countdown Begins

As I have stated previously, on this blog, I have back surgery (lumbar) scheduled for July 10th. As I have also stated previously, that is exactly 13 years to the day I had my first back surgery. I’ve endured pain for as much as I can tolerate now. It’s gotten to the point I can’t drive my little Honda Civic. I’m too tall to own a car that small. But, the MPG made it a necessity. I’m not getting rid of it.

Tuesday morning I had to go to my primary care physician for an assortment of prep procedures that my orthopedic surgeon requires. Everything from EKG, to blood samples to some sort of test where they pricked my finger to see how quickly the blood would clot up. I’ve been through this before. Like I said, it was 13 years ago.

I’m hopeful the results will be better this time. I really am hopeful. I’ve heard from others that once you have back surgery, it’s something you can count on doing again in the future. So far, that has proven to be correct. I also met with the anesthesiologist Tuesday afternoon. He expressed a “slight concern” because I have “moderate to severe” sleep apnea. But, he said it isn’t anything he hasn’t dealt with before. For some reason, that didn’t make me feel a whole lot better.

I’ll continue to make updates on this in the next few days. July 9th will most likely be my last post for a few days. So, those of you accustomed to my “post every single day” will have to wait to read my nonsense. I’m told I’ll be in the hospital 3-5 days. I also have to be able to walk around the nurse’s station before they will release me. I plan on doing that as quickly as possible.


Good luck with your surgery. I had lower back surgery some 25 years ago (two herniated disks) ... then some cortizone injections 5 years later. Since that time I've lived relatively trouble-free ... but I still remember just how painful it was and how welcome the was the relief following surgery!

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