The Century Mark

One-hundred posts since April 5th, 2008. Just over three months and, yet, it seems much longer. I say that not because it was difficult. Quite the contrary, writing has always come easy for me. A lot of times, I will sit down to write a blog entry with no idea what I’m going to write about. But, once I get started, it’s like someone else takes over and I just sit idly by and watch. That’s no joke.

You want to know why I got started blogging on April 5th of this year? I’m almost ashamed to say it. But, there was a report on The Drudge Report called “Death by Blogging.” Intrigued, I read the article about some guy who had numerous blogs and tried to keep them updated daily. He died of a heart attack, if I remember correctly. Now, I say this not because I have a death wish. But, it was that article that got my attention. I had always wanted an outlet to express my pent up wannabe “writing skills.” I didn’t really even know what blogging was all about. I don’t consider myself an expert on anything. So, I didn’t see any use in starting a blog. But, my sister has always said I was good at talking about myself, my life, my experiences and so forth. My first reaction was, why would anyone be interested in reading the rants of an over the hill, middle-age country boy from Alabama? Apparently, a few are interested. I’ve seen my site meter go from about 10-15 hits a day to close to a 1000 a day now. I have between 30-40 subscribers on my RSS feed. I can’t explain it. I did all the SEO stuff that was recommended, posted on other forums and that basically was it. If you want a definitive explanation how this blog evolved so quickly, I can’t help you. It is what it is.

I’ve “met” some mighty interesting folks in the past three months. I’ve made some new internet friends who I most likely will never meet in person. Still, I think this mode of interaction lends itself to fostering lifelong friendships. At least that is my opinion today. But, there are the usual jackasses you meet in the virtual world just as you do in the real world. That’s life and I totally expected it. I enjoy this hobby. I needed a hobby to vent, to wax poetically about everything and nothing at all. I probably am best at talking about nothing, now that I think about it. Just a slight bit of exaggeration there.

I will miss this blog after I make my last post on Wednesday. It will feel strange sitting (or laying most likely) in that hospital for a few days without internet access. I imagine I will suffer withdrawals. Hopefully, the morphine they give me is really potent. I’ll need it for a number of reasons.


Congratulations on your 100th post!
I have never read a blog until two months ago. I have found as you say that it is a unique way to know interesting people. I read only a few blogs but in some of them the stories they tell are very useful for my own life so I am very thankful for that.
Thank you and again all good luck in your surgery.

conchita, thanks for the congrats! It seems unreal that I have been blogging for over three months now. Seems longer, as I said in my post.

Thanks for the best wishes on the surgery. In fact, since you seem to be my most frequent commenter, I'll get you to keep an eye on things around here while I'm gone after Wednesday! :) Thanks for the comment and please come back.

Oh thank you i will be watching :) ha ha!
Also i want to apologize for my mistakes in English, this is not my first language, i do what i can. Sometimes i am in a hurry, don’t do any corrections and i end up writing funny things in English!

Conchita, there is not need to apologize for whatever mistakes you make in english. You do quite well. I welcome you and everyone around the world to my blog, regardless of nationality.

I'm starting to get nervous. Time for some prayer time for me.

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