So, I’m Driving Down I-10…

…from Mobile, AL to Pascagoula, Ms (about a 40 minute drive), just watching cars zoom by me as I am doing 75MPH, when I see what appears to be the complete wheel of a car hanging from the bottom of a tree. I’m thinking, “That’s sort of unusual.” So, I pull over into the emergency curb, hit the blinkers and get out of my car. I just had to get a second look at this. There was no way that wheel should have been able to hang from a tree like that.

I walk back about 50 yards and it becomes clearer just what really was in the brushy area across from the interstate ditch. It was a late model Jeep Grand Cherokee upside down about three-quarters of the way into the brushy, wooded area from the interstate. I immediately look inside to see if there were any passengers inside. There was no one inside the vehicle. I decided to call 911 and report this. Talked to the emergency operator and explained my reason for calling. I told her there was not anybody inside the vehicle. “Is anyone hurt, sir,” she asks. I just told you there was no one inside the vehicle, I say to the operator.. Silence. “Are there any witnesses there, sir,” she asks. Um, no, I was apparently the only idiot dumb enough to stop and see how a car wheel could hang from what I thought was a tree limb. I told the operator if there were any witnesses, they have long since gone to either MS or headed to FL. “Is the vehicle in danger of catching fire, sir?” Ok, now, I’m really starting to regret this. I realize she has to ask all these questions. But, after saying there was no one hurt, I couldn’t see the point in asking more pointless questions. After a couple more inane questions, she said an Alabama State Trooper should be arriving on the scene in about five minutes.

The State Trooper shows up, asks me if anyone was hurt (sigh), if I was a witness (double sigh) and so on. The trooper said (without searching the vehicle) it was probably drug dealers transporting their merchandise, decided to partake some of their product, got high and veered off the road. They were probably hurt and might have been watching us from the woods as we were talking.. Now, I was really nervous. Two more State Troopers show up and the first trooper tells me to get in my car and leave. If they need me for anything, they’ll call.

I haven’t heard from the troopers as of this morning. I hope I don’t now. I need to just mind my own business, I think. I don’t want to have to go to court about drug dealers. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be the good Samaritan.


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